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November 23, 2017

BIG DAY--It's almost turkey time! For you locals who get your paper prior to Thanksgiving, I know that all the cooks are probably in the kitchen, whipping up pumpkin pies, or maybe pecan pies and all those awesome side dishes like candied yams and homemade stuffing, so I wish you all the very best as this Thanksgiving Day rolls around. While there may be many things we can be discouraged about, there is much to be thankful for as well, so as they say, "Count your Blessings" and may your upcoming holiday be one that brings you and your family together and where you can lift each other up in the spirt of Thanksgiving; enjoy everybody!

WET--It's been another wet and chilly one around here, with more trees tipping over, falling in the sloughs, and sliding down the hillsides, and that also loosens up rocks that tumble down into the roadways, so be extra careful as you travel over the holidays as this wet weather continues to make for some treacherous driving conditions. Don't forget to pack an emergency kit with you if you're out traveling around, as from what I've seen already, those hours of having to sit on the freeway would be more comfortable with a bag of provisions alongside you!

What else does wet, cold weather mean? Well, it usually means more feed for your outdoor critters, as they burn up a lot of calories trying to stay warm and big animals need dry feed as the grass isn't too nutritious this time of year. So don't forget to treat your animals to a good holiday dinner; now and throughout the miserable, cold weather! Well fed animals are not only happier and healthier, but less likely to need a vet, and nobody needs that extra bill; the hay is cheaper!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Nov. 22-29 are Danny Silverman, Dana Montgomery, Toni Below, Cheryl Parker, Sharon Deaton, Sandy Everman, Kayli Quigley, Linda Ostervold, Sarah Clark, Don Ross, Terri Slape, Tammy Hill, Mike Paulsen, Nancy Good Garcia, Drake Cook, Robert Kyle, Kevin Palmer and Hank Ferguson.

Happy Anniversary wishes go out to Jim and Bernie Mendoza, Virgil and Lisa Cothren and Sherry and Mark McCormack. Have terrific celebrations everyone!

NO FRIDAY MOVIE--Due to the holiday weekend, there will be no Friday night movie this week, Nov. 24, at the Community Center in Cathlamet, so unless things have changed, and nobody has told me, don't show up at the center expecting a free movie this week. Instead, head out and enjoy one of the other things going on this week!

HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE--If you're going to do "Black Friday," why not keep it local and head to Skamokawa where you can enjoy the festivities at the Friends of Skamokawa's historic building and take in all the vendors' wares in the River Life Interpretive Center? The Gift Shop and Book Store on the first floor has some wonderful items as well, so come to the hall and go up to the RLIC and check out the wonderful items made by local artisans. The FOS is also selling its brand new calendars with some fantastic photos. What better way to give some wonderful artwork and something useful to boot. It all starts on Friday. Contact the office from noon to four at 360-795-3007.

GLASS ART--Local glass artist Kyle Gribskov always holds a showing of his gorgeous artwork over the Thanksgiving weekend at 123 Middle Valley Road. There's nothing like a glistening glass globe made from an array of colors to get ones love of glass fix!

RECUPERATING--When a "local boy" is involved in an accident around here, everybody seems to know about it real quick-like, and that was no exception this past week, when sirens from patrol cars and ambulances went flying through Skamokawa and headed to KM! When a mother heard "low-boy wreck," she knew almost certainly it was her son, and for Jeanne Paulsen, that meant she was saying some mighty quick prayers! Sure enough, Mike Paulsen had been involved in that particular tip-over and luckily he only suffered some fairly minor injuries, like a sore shoulder and aches and pains, but nothing major, so a sigh of relief was had by Mom, and everyone around here, as these guys are like family to all of us. We heard he took a day off but then was behind the wheel again, so that was great news. Here's to all the angels who watch over our loggers and we hope that Mike is back to 100 percent by now!

Back at home and doing some recuperating from back surgery, is Jason Wallin, who wound up going from "hurtin' to recuperatin'" in just a couple of days, so we're glad he got some surgery done, and we hope he'll bounce back better than before, as there's nothing like back pain to slow a person down. Speedy healing to you Jason!

Our family would certainly appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers for the full recovery of my cousin, Donna Healy Palmer, who is still hospitalized at the time of this writing. Her brother, Gene Healy and wife Karen, were headed down to Sunnyside to see her as I am writing this, so I don't have any further info right now.

Here's hoping Kari Martin is feeling better by now, as she's been down with the flu and bronchitis, which certainly is no fun, so we're sending her some get well wishes if she's still sick, or glad you're feeling better now wishes if she's finally on the mend!

EARLY DEADLINES--Due to the holiday, all columnists and those placing ads, had to have them turned in last Friday, so there wasn't much time to catch up on a whole lot of news; it's a brief column this week. I hope you'll share your Thanksgiving dinner-weekend news with me after the big day. I know I'm going to have a house full and it should be fun if Grandma doesn't burn the turkey! Again, enjoy your holiday to its fullest!


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