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Lots of places to shop local as Christmas is coming

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November 30, 2017

MORE RAIN--I guess it's that time of year, as we are getting our fair share of rain, but other than the usual high water and fields turning into lakes, we've managed to get through it all ok. Thankfully our road wasn't flooded over Thanksgiving, so that was a big hurdle to get through for me. I heard of quite a few accidents though, so I'm guessing we could all stand to slow down a little bit, as between the puddles on the road and the critters seeming to want to be everywhere right now, a little extra caution wouldn't hurt. I hope the gusty forecast didn't cause any problems in your neck of the woods!

Also, now might be a good time to take a brief walk about your car and check those headlights and tail lights in your vehicle as I've noticed a lot of "winkers" lately, so it's best to have all of our lights working properly. Not to mention, it may save you a ticket!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Nov. 30-Dec. 6 are Mike Linn, Tom Webb, Matt Helms II, Shane Souvenir, Trace Tarabochia, Dominic Diaz, Cindy Montgomery, Menoka Martin, J.R. DeBriae, Mark Slape, Jamie Jacobsen, Maria Snow, Kathy Ross, Mackenzie Allen, Johnny Burdick, Hollie Burns, Hank Bassi, Paul Hoven, Jennifer Hoven, Joyce Ower, Steve Finkas, Kendra Finkas, Mark Pedersen, Gabe Pedersen and 67'er Noni Gilbertsen Meredith.

Happy Anniversary wishes this week go out to Rick and Jenny Benfit, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Holland and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Clark. May you all have wonderful celebrations on your special days!

There will be a new anniversary to mention next year, as Jeff Hedges and Shelley (Galloway) are now Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hedges, so congratulations to them!

OPEN MIC NIGHT--This Saturday, Dec. 2, the Skamokawa Grange Hall will hold an Open Mic session, but this time, it's going to be a bit earlier with the sign-up time at 3:45 p.m., and the Open Mic part being from 4 to 6 p.m. All are welcome to bring their instruments and sing, or just come and listen!

The Grange will hold their membership meeting on Tues., Dec. 5 from 5:30-7 p.m.

FREE MOVIE--The free movie night at the Community Center in Cathlamet this Friday evening is being held at its usual time of 7 p.m., and this week it is an Adult Documentary. There's free popcorn to go along with that free movie, and you can bring in your own snacks as well!

NORSE HALL THIS SUNDAY--Don't forget, parents with children under 10 can head to the Norse Hall on Puget Island this Sunday, Dec. 3, from 2-4 p.m., and take part in the Sons of Norway's annual Children's Christmas Party. Your children will be able to make a card, decorate a cookie, play some games and even Santa is showing up so that you can take your own picture with your little one and St. Nick! If you have any questions, contact Karen Healy at 360-849-4411. See you this Sunday afternoon!

With the basement of the Norse Hall already decked out in Christmas, keep in mind that the hall is available to rent, so it makes a great place to hold a holiday gathering but be sure you call right away to get that set up if you're interested. Contact Cheryl or David Nelson at 360-849-4428.

CHECK IT OUT--The Friends of Skamokawa would like to remind everyone that they have not only "Decked the Hall" with lots decorations to get into the holiday spirit, but they've also got a lot of wonderful, one of a kind, locally made items for sale by various vendors up in the River Life Interpretive Center. They've also got a great calendar that they've put together, which would be a wonderful gift to give. With Christmas less than a month away, the time to shop is now! Here's to shopping local and support those who so graciously support us all year long with all of the many fund raisers that take place here, so please help support them! As an extra bonus, the view from the RLIC in Redmen Hall is just awesome on a clear day; enjoy! Contact the hall at 360-795-3007 for more information.

GET WELL WISHES--It seems that former resident, Susan McClain Kuhn, injured her knee and made a trip to the hospital, and it has yet to be determined just what course of action she will have to undergo to fix her problem, but we know how knee pain is, and it's no fun, so we hope she gets on the mend real soon.

Still recovering from some health issues is my cousin Donna Palmer but she is doing a little better and now in a Vancouver hospital/rehab center, so we hope she'll be back to her perky self soon. I don't think a sweeter person exists than that cousin of mine, so all thoughts and prayers on her behalf are welcomed.

Also Dave Heiner could still use some more get well wishes, as his back injury from a fall off a roof, is still on the mend, so that's always a big worry and we wish him the best as he continues to deal with that situation.

GATHERINGS--I certainly saw a lot of pictures on Facebook of folks having some great family dinners this past week, and there seemed to be a lot of smiling faces around those dinner tables! The Bassi family looked to be enjoying themselves, as did the family of Tracy Ostling Tomlinson, with lots of special dips to go along with that turkey! Smoked fish from C & H was put to good use in one of those I heard, and would make a great holiday gift for somebody as well. David and Connie Shrum entertained a day later than most due to work schedules but they enjoyed having Connie's Mom over from Idaho and other family from Seattle, so the delayed feast was enjoyed by their houseful. John and Mary Gustafson had niece Tina over at their house, and Mary could hardly wait to get the soup pot on, as this kind of weather is just right for a nice big bowl of turkey and noodle soup! Kelly Hammond was enjoying her kids, grandkids and other family members at her place, and as I said, everybody was looking happy and nobody looked like they were going to go hungry this past Thanksgiving. Tom and Rosalie Webb returned from their trip to Mexico, where they celebrated their anniversary, and for the first few days, got to share the gorgeous Paradise Village Resort and Spa with daughter Lorie. They arrived home in time for Thanksgiving, where they opted to enjoy a tasty prime rib dinner and then Rosalie went right to work getting her Christmas lights up. She's one busy lady, and her decorations are looking real festive amongst the dreary raindrops!

FAMILY DINNER--I know we had a good time at our house this past Thanksgiving, as four of the five "kids" were here and all six grandkids were here too, and that just doesn't happen very often anymore. It seems that somebody is either on one side of the mountains, or somebody is working or somebody is going to school, so it's tough to get the gang together anymore, so it was great to have them all here for a change. I have to say, with all the boys all grown up and most hitting the six foot and beyond level, they fill this house up real fast! I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated by the fact that most are excellent cooks, and not having had a big dinner over Thanksgiving for the past several years made me a bit anxious to host the whole bunch, but all worked out great. I was happy that both turkeys turned out good, as I tried something different with one of them, as who knew that so many people do the "spatchcock" turkey method? I was one of the few who had never heard about it, but then suddenly every magazine I picked up and every morning show I watched, seemed to have this method highlighted as a way to cut ones' cooking time and get a real juicy turkey, albeit a little saltier using the recipe I was given. At any rate, it turned out just fine, and between the great appetizers that the Sechler gang brought down with them from Seattle, from the tasty pies that Katie and Blake made, to the side dishes brought by Kyle and Suzy, the special brussel sprout dish made by grand-daughter, Tessa, the new jello salad recipe by daughter, Lisa and the pumpkin roll by the Good boys, well, we had plenty to eat and it was all real tasty. Son Brian even brought me my first Christmas centerpiece for the upcoming holiday; very nice! I was sure thankful to have them all here, and was happy that everyone traveled to and fro without incident. The Sechler group also enjoyed another Thanksgiving celebration the following day when Katie's sister, Susan Schillios had her family join her for the Thanksgiving holiday. Again, good times for everybody!

CHRISTMAS TIME--With Christmas fast approaching, it appears that many of us are surrounded by friends and family and a lot of good food, there are always those who are not quite so fortunate and don't have all those things. So, if possible, we hope that you will take some time, or a few bucks or a few groceries and share them with others that need them, or give to organizations that can help those who are in need.

One of the programs around here that would help a child, is the Star program. Many of our local businesses have a "tree" with stars on it, with a child who lists several things that they'd like to receive for Christmas. Won't you help out a child this year and make their Christmas dreams come true? There's no better gift than the gift of giving. You and the recipient will both be blessed with your act of kindness!


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