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Credit where credit is due for the robust economy


February 8, 2018

To The Eagle:

I agree with neighbor Brawn’s comments in a previous issue regarding giving credit where it is due for perceived improvements in the national economy.

The foundation upon which our present robust economy stands was built by the Obama administration and its courageous efforts to correct the fiscal disaster it had inherited from the Bush dynasty.

Wall Street’s unregulated sub prime derivatives disaster withered our domestic economy and threatened that of the world. The real estate speculators and mortgage felons who caused it made fabulous profits characteristic of many carefully crafted scams perpetrated at our expense.

Consider, for example, our new tax code. This legislation is a Republican banquet. Wage earners are expected to be placated with crumbs from these plutocrat’s table.

During the decade it will take for this cruel and morally reprehensible scam to unravel, the wealthiest American oligarches will have skimmed off the profits, Trump, our Hypocrite In Chief, will long have absconded. You and I will be left behind to reap the whirlwind caused by their greed. Again.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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