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By Jake Farrens
Big C Industries, Longview 

Contractor outlines plans for Island bridge work


To The Eagle:

Royal Bridge is committed to making the repair and repainting of the bridge as easy as possible on all residents of Cathlamet. We all know how excited everyone gets about the prospect of road construction in their community, but this particular project affects more than just the local people. A local fabrication shop, Big C Industries, located in Longview, has been subcontracted to build a temporary nesting site on the concrete portion of the bridge for the pair of osprey that have nested on top of the bridge for many years. Big C Industries, owned by Ronda Cross, a lifetime resident of Washington, has been researching the proper procedures and protocols for moving the osprey nest.

The first step that they took was to go to the Town of Cathlamet and gather information on the osprey. As the field crew entered the local library, they were pleasantly surprised to be able to partake in a town meeting. Everyone in the meeting was helpful and kind. After inquiring about local bird watchers, a lot of nice phone calls from the local residents that had a lot of passion for the osprey gave information on the nesting patterns of the osprey, such as their arrival around April 1 to begin nesting.

After contacting Bob Sallinger with the Audubon Society to discuss the process of relocating the nest and the best procedures to keep the osprey returning to the area, Bob informed Big C Industries of the possibility of the osprey not using the new nesting site and that there was a good possibility that the osprey would return to the prior nesting area and rebuild their nest.

Royal Bridge and Big C Industries are committed to safely relocating the existing nest and hopefully the osprey will find their new location even more attractive than it was previously. As a team we are hoping to involve the local community in the relocation of the nest in every way possible.

Big C Industries is sponsoring a coloring contest for all the children in the area and the grand prize will be a brand-new fishing pole. Osprey coloring books will be available at the library and the winner will be chosen by the City Council.

Big C Industries inquired about the name of the birds, but no one seemed to have a name for the pair. It would be fun to have the children include a name for the birds on their submitted coloring sheet, but it is not required to participate.

With a little attention, a lot of kindness and the proper procedures in place, Royal Bridge and Big C Industries are hopeful that the osprey will return and raise their young so that the residents of Cathlamet may continue to watch them return year after year.

Royal Bridges Inc. is also looking for temporary housing during the duration of the project. Please contact

Also Royal Bridge is asking the bird watchers in the community to report any birds that may start nesting on the bridge. With everyone's help we can make this go smooth for the birds.

Jake Farrens

Big C Industries, Longview


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