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April 19, 2018

ENOUGH ALREADY--I think I can safely say that we have all had our fill of April showers, so let's hope that the forecast of a couple of dry days this week came true, so we could dry out a little bit before the next wet system comes in. Better yet, let's hope that system doesn't come in at all, as we've had enough of the wet stuff, thank you very much!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from April 19-25 are Fred Bennett Jr., Linda Mahitka, Jeri Terpsma Pierce, Nancy Granger, Nathan Kindcaid, Max Schmitz, Alyssa Braman, Marie Allen, Susan Kuhn, Macie Helms-Masterson, Emma Helms, Kent Martin, Mike Snow, Lisa Cothren, Peter Vik, Jared Vik, Jason Wallin, Rochelle Wallin, Steven M. Doumit, Seth Doumit, Delaney Doumit, Rachael LaBerge, Nathan Frink, Darci Frances, Fern Holmes, Mike Swift, Shawn Woods, Gwen Good Ronninghaug, Glenn Palmer, Sue Shane Edminster, Joel Peterson, and 67'ers Greg Lloyd and Sandra Davis. Here's to some very Happy Birthdays to all of you!

Those celebrating anniveraries this week are Kent and Irene Martin, Ed and Nancy Granger and Steve and Dawn Macchione. Happy Anniversary, everybody!

GOOD TIME--Carolyn Madsen Pedersen (Mrs. Frank) had a good time celebrating birthday number 77 recently, when several members of her family met for lunch at the Kyoto's Restaurant in Longview. Her two children, Scott (Jen) and Cindi (Jeff) were there along with two of her grandsons, Ty (Kendra) Finkas and Nathan Pedersen, and also her brother Ken (Donna) Madsen and their family, along with yours truly and hubby, so it was just the kind of birthday Carolyn wanted. Afterwards we met at the Pedersen home for some dessert and a good gab, and we also got to take a look at some artwork that grandson, Nathan had made for his grandma.

KINDERGARTEN--If you have a child that will be five years old by August 31, and you want them to go to Kindergarten in the Fall, then you only have today, Thursday, April 19 and tomorrow, April 20, to get them registered. You can pick up this registration form at the office in the J.A. Wendt Elementary school, or at St. James Preschool. So don't delay, and remember, you'll need your child's birth certificate and immunization records to complete the form. For any other questions call the Elementary school at 360-795-3261.

THIS FRIDAY--On April 20, the free movie at the Community Center in Cathlamet will show another wizardly movie at 7 p.m. Remember, all those attending these movies that are under 12, must be accompanied by an adult. Free popcorn is always available or you can bring in your own snacks. Enjoy the free movie!

SATURDAY OPEN MIC--It's "Open Mic Music Night" at the Skamokawa Grange Hall this Saturday, April 21. Only it isn't at night, but instead, it will be sign up time at 2:45 p.m., and the time to play and sing begins at 3 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come and play, or just encourage others, and of course, at the end of the sign-ups, comes the fun jam session.

THIS SATURDAY--Just a reminder that the Annual Logger's Reunion will take place this Saturday, April 21, at the Appelo Archive Center located in Naselle. Also that evening, there will be Bingo Night at the Grays River Valley Center.

COFFEE TIME--You can head to Skamokawa Vista Park's Ship Channel Coffee trailer this weekend, from 8 to 12, and enjoy a nice hot specialty drink, and with a little luck, the weather will warm up, so those ice cold smoothies would be more readily enjoyed as well.

Remember, the place will be hopping in June as the Kite Festival will be back for a two day event this time, and will be held on June 23 and 24, so that's going to be awesome!

We are all anxious to find out when the new laundromat will be built and up and running, as I've heard from lots of folks who say they'd welcome one being there.

GET WELL--Sounds like we need to send some "heal fast" wishes to our local, hard working valley boy, Jason Rainey, as he had a bit of an issue with some equipment he was using and needed to make a trip to the doctor. Here's hoping he is fit as a fiddle in no time. Take care Jason!

SYMPATHIES--I was saddened to hear of the passing of Gladys Spooner on April 7. Most of us on the Island knew her and her family members, and/or went to school with one of her children, and she will always be remembered as one of those who could make you smile and make you laugh and certainly made you love her Norwegian goodies. My sympathies go out to her hubby Dave, and all the members of her family.

STILL COLLECTING/CAR SHOW--If you'd like to be a sponsor of the upcoming car show, and you want to get on the very last WDFS Rods and Reels t-shirt, your $200 donation of either cash or prizes, or a combiniation of both, needs to be acknowledged soon. Lee Tischer (360-430-4377) is the head honcho of this event, and he needs to collect the names of those larger sponsors prior to getting those t-shirts made, so if you or your business is interested, and you haven't as yet contacted him, or me, (360-795-3425) please don't delay and miss out on this opportunity. I can hardly believe that this event is coming up in about six weeks, June 2, and with time flying by, all this prep work has to be taken care of much sooner than that. We hope to see you there and we hope you'll come away with a prize or a trophy, of which there will be many, and which will be highly treasured.

OUT OF THE PAST--This week back in 1948, it was very wet and some days there were high winds and lots of hail to go along with all that rain. Ralph and Elsie Everest were both under the weather, and had to have people fill in for them at the telephone office. Luckily, daughters Carol and Marian filled in for them. Their grandsons, Ralph and Frank Pedersen and Gene Healy, were all in the Spring Musical at the school. Unfortunately, Gene started feeling ill and within a couple of days, he and his sister Donna, came down with the measles! At the beginning of the week, one log truck driver had a harrowing ride down Cathlamet hill, after the air line controlling the brakes, wound up breaking, so he sped down the hill at 60 mph! At great risk to himself, Bill Creech bravely stayed with the truck and got the big rig steered away from traffic and headed it down behind town. With a school bus directly in its path, he veered off and wound up in the yard of Paul Marinkovich. While everyone scrambled around and called for emergency vehicles, Mr. Creech calmly got out of the truck and walked away completely unscathed! He was extremely lucky to be able to tell the story of his wild ride down town hill. A day later, another accident didn't turn out quite so well, as Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mooers and Mr. and Mrs. Julius Wendt were in a vehicle that left Ocean Beach Highway and struck a tree, but had it not been for the tree, they would have plunged down a cliff into the river! Mr. and Mrs. Ed Calvin and Mr. and Mrs. George Ward witnessed the accident and immediately went to their aid, but found all four unconscious. While the Mooers were a little more fortunate and left the hospital after Mrs. Mooers was treated for a broken arm and Mr. Mooers, some chest injuries, the Wendts had to stay longer as he suffered severe cuts about the head from hitting the windshield and she had even more severe injuries.

In 1958, the week began nasty but this time, the week ended in several nice days, which even lent itself to hanging clothes and bedding out on the line and doing some yard work. During that day however, the George Everests, who lived in Longview, endured a terrible hail and wind storm; like night and day between the two towns! Carol Everest Pedersen, along with sons, Frank and three year old Marshall, headed to Seattle, as Frank was headed to Alaska, while Carol continued on to Everett and stayed a few days for a church convention there. On one of the nice days, Mayme Johnson came and picked up the Everests and they headed over to Puget Island, to the home of Bella Pedersen Ellison, where they proceeded to load up wood to bring home. Afterwards, they all ate at The Spar, then walked up to the cemetery and back before settling in for evening. All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's diaries.


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