Is the war against fascism forgotten?


To The Eagle:

As I circle ever closer to my 75th birthday it is becoming more clear by the day that the war involving the civilized world against fascism seems to have been forgotten by many. Like some of you older folks, I had relatives that served honorably fighting in Europe, Africa and the South Pacific. What is troubling to those paying attention to what is happening is the apparent recurrence of a very similar set of circumstances that gave my generation the honorific title of War Babies. I would hate to think that your children or grandchildren would inherit this dubious distinction due to the all too obvious, to many at least, situation we've allowed to happen in our nation.

It may have been President Eisenhower, not sure of this, who stated that when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the Stars and Stripes and carrying the Bible. That alone is against the Founding Fathers decree that politics and religion must remain separate. Add that to the two flags all too often wrapped around the Bible and both flags are from countries that our nation thouroghy trounced. One about 150 years ago and the other just a mere 75 years or so. The current resident of the white House, at least when he's not at one of his numerous private golf resorts, plays the card that seems to have convinced the so called ‘religious right' that by making scapegoats of the least able to defend themselves that somehow that's making America great. I don't think I'm necessarily stupid but really don't understand how separating families escaping the horror of violence in another country is doing anything but making America look like the Germany of the 1930's-40's.

And then there's the new tariffs that have caused Harley-Davidson, along with other companies to move production to other countries. Soy beans are taking a huge hit as are numerous other agricultural crops. How much more winning can our nation stand? Crops are rotting in the fields because the people that usually pick them are barred from entry or afraid to show up to work if already here.

The recent disastrous trip to Europe and the, obvious to anybody with eyesight, bowing to Putin should raise more than alarm bells and blood pressures. Disrespecting our allies in favor of Russia should be beyond comprehension. But it's not. Now what? As always, I await the apologists.

James Roberts



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