There is no wisdom on the left


March 7, 2019

To The Eagle:

Imagine the leftist future. The abolition of the Electoral College, say. The final ascendence of the loving Left. The will realized of the" little people," led, of course, by the tender ministrations and commandments of our ruling class. Yes, like the foolish anthem of that "visionary" Beatle, John Lenin (oops, Lennon), we, all of us, can have that bright future. The leftist prescriptions of some of our elderly citizens are truly bracing.

How could so many adults, folks in their 50's, 60's, 70's, and beyond be enthralled to their unrealistic and destructive whims. What is it that produces such dissidence and fracture?

I believe that the lack of wisdom and maturity is the paramount reason. There is no wisdom on the Left. It is all feelings. The unreal and foolish belief that humans are" basically good." It is folly. Folks who believe this lie are the promoters of collectivism, socialism, and communism. The "dreamers" and fools to fad, like children, rebel and mess their nests. The desire to be noticed and praised is irresistable to them. But their arrogance and negativity, learned first at college and high school, then continued at their favorite organs of information, belie their ability to be truly "informed."

They act out their anger at life's circumstances by throwing out what, yes, imperfectly works. Throw out the Electoral College, because that will bring about"true democracy." The horrors of the 20th century we can live again in the 21st. Folks who spread their poisonous fears and hallucinations for all to read are truly acting out and are in need of serious counselling. Such miserable outlooks need intervention.

Mike Swift



Reader Comments(1)

Josh writes:

A meandering, feelings-driven rant about other people who might have feelings. Also, the Electoral College, for some reason. A hint, if you're going to show that one side of a group of people are unreasonable, you have to have reason, yourself.


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