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Let's collectively say no to Dollar General


To The Eagle:

The quickest way to kill a small town, such as our rare gem here in Cathlamet, is to allow some kind of big box store to come in and undercut the prices of everything we have here.

The pharmacy and the grocery store would be the first two casualties followed by who knows what. Look at what happened in other communities that have allowed a travesty such as Wal Mart, Dollar General and others of the mega corporate ilk.

My wife and I, along with many others, have chosen to live here in a pseudo rural setting for the very reasons that currently exist. Of course the groceries cost a little bit more in our local downtown market and pharmacy but it is worth it to actually be able to walk into the store and see people you know, address by name and exchange pleasantries.

Hopefully enough people will realize how fragile this is and act to ensure that we can hold out as long as humanly possible to prevent the probably inevitable tide some call progress. Let's get together and collectively say no! Perhaps the county commissioners have the fortitude and ability to stop this before it's too late. The old saw about jobs will be part of the flag waved in our faces but how many and for how long?

The writer last week pointed out the obvious stating that when passers by see a mega store with cheap everything at the edge of town they will have no reason to hang a left and at least drive through our quaint village. Think about it.


James Roberts

Elochoman Valley


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