We'll stick with MAGA


September 19, 2019

We’ll stick with MAGA

To The Eagle:

Judging by the letters in last week’s Eagle, we are surrounded by a vast socialist conspiracy with ol’ J.B. spouting Marxism from Puget Island and Poul deliberating Danish democratic socialism from Rosburg while the delirious Democrat debaters permeate the airwaves with various versions of socialist Utopian schemes. J.B. quotes the Marxian maxim “From each according to his ability; to each according to his need.” Karl actually borrowed that from earlier philosophers (Becker, Blanc, Morelly), and they in turn got it from the Bible (Acts and Matthew). In those versions, the distributor of talent and fortune was God, not government.

Our founding fathers came along and added nature and “nature’s God” to the formula, and devised a system whereby we could govern ourselves and have the freedom to develop our own abilities, and fulfill our own needs (called capitalism), which worked well enough to make us the freest, happiest, wealthiest nation in the world. And those nasty oligarchs J.B.’s concerned about no doubt include the Obamas, who just bought a 15 million dollar house in Martha’s Vinyard, and the Clintons, whose foundation is now worth 200 million bucks.

Poul observes that his friends and relatives in Denmark neither like nor understand Trump. Quite understandable. Contrary to the Donald’s advice, Denmark committed to running their entire economy on wind and solar power which is inherently impossible to do since that system only produces well at high noon or when the wind is blowing and storing electricity is difficult and prohibitively expensive. Both Denmark and Germany made this commitment and Germany is in worse shape because its backup supply is either dirty coal or expensive Russian-import gas, while Denmark is surrounded with North Sea oil deposits. The only known route to a reliable carbon-free electric grid is nuclear power, which Denmark outlawed in 1985. And, President Trump is the third or fourth president to entertain the idea of buying Greenland, but we haven’t actually bought any colonies from the Danish Empire since we bought the Danish West Indies in 1917 for $25 million.

Application of all these wonderful socialistic principles by local democrat leadership has given us dystopian phantasmagorias like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and Baltimore. Thanks just the same – we’ll stick with MAGA.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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