Retain Judge Donald Richter


October 10, 2019

To The Eagle:

Soon we will be casting our votes for the Superior Court Judge for Wahkiakum and Pacific Counties.

I am writing this letter in support of our current Superior Court Judge Donald Richter who was selected and appointed by the governor last December from four potential candidates to replace the previous elected judge upon his retirement. This appointment in itself speaks to his superior qualifications.

I have not only personally met Judge Richter but I have also taken the time to sit and observe him performing his duties on the bench in Wahkiakum County where he handled a variety of cases. He came well prepared on all of the scheduled cases and was fair and unbiased no matter the case before him and he took the time to thoroughly listen to all of the parties involved in the case.

Unfortunately Judge Richter has not been able to visit all of the voters in our county as he is definitely a very dedicated working judge with a heavy workload and a strong work ethic.

Having worked with judges for 25 years I can say that he definitely displayed all of the qualifications needed to be an outstanding, honorable judge and I encourage you to join me in voting to retain Donald Richter, Superior Court Judge for Wahkiakum and Pacific Counties in November.

Barbara A. Blix, Retired

Wahkiakum County Superior Court Clerk


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