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Justice for all


October 31, 2019

To The Eagle:

No U.S. President has ever approached Trump’s blatant and constant attack on democracy and the constitution. President Trump, though that’s an honorary title of which he’s entirely unbecoming, has only one agenda: Utilize the presidency to serve his personal interests. Why did he support U.S. troops in northern Syria in 2018, yet, has given Turkey the green light thereby welcoming an attack on our Syrian Democratic allies whilst granting ISIS support to reorganize? It’s quite simple--Trump Towers.

Trump doesn’t mind lasting tragic consequences; he’s far more interested in his untaxed profit margin. Trump is a threat to democracy and all I was raised to be proud of as an American girl. He utilizes his seat in office to serve his affairs so frequently we’ve become numb to his constant abuse of our foundations for freedom. It’s illegal for the president to monetize off of his or her time in office. Freedom of the press is key to setting the U.S. apart from countries who suffer dictators.

We have hard evidence of Trump’s affinity for abuse of power. He himself has admitted to it on camera and this is precisely the point. When so many choose to turn a blind eye to blatant corruption for a president who cares only of himself, something is radically wrong! We have become a paralyzed nation.

What may it take to break the spell? Justice. Can you recall a single president who absolutely unnecessarily imposed danger on our nation, as Trump continues to do? The longer he’s in office, the further the efforts to end democracy by countries such as Russia. If he’s not impeached, what hope remains for future generations? If our chief in command persists above the law, then we are no longer home of the brave with liberty and justice for all.

Kristy L. Olson



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