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These actions are tantamount to treason


October 31, 2019

To The Eagle:

I recently read here, with no great surprise, a stalwart Trump acolyte’s regurgitated sour grapes about the imaginary “crimes and misdemeanors of Obama and Hillary,” as well as all the fake news that isn’t and of course, fake whistleblowers who aren’t.

That contributor wrote “this President has done more for our foreign allies than any other.” More fabulist Trumpist propaganda and untrue, as usual.

To understand or predict Trump’s foreign policy ask yourself “what would Putin want him to do?” Primarily, undermine NATO, European security, and world political stability.

To make America “great”, Trump has transformed the U.S. into an unreliable ally and a disinterested, often absent partner in the constant efforts of the Western democracies to hold the line against the increasing influence of the worldwide autocracies and dictatorships that Trump so admires.

Trump personally abandoned our Kurdish allies who shed blood with us in the fight against ISIS, leaving them open to slaughter by a Turkish dictator.

Trump is now abandoning the 2002 the Open Skies Treaty which allows us and NATO to observe and report Russian military depredations in the Ukraine. Our executive idiot has serially abandoned the international Paris Climate Agreement, Iran Nuclear Accord, U.N. Human Rights Council, Intermediate Nuclear Forces Agreement, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership,

The consequences? A fractured leadership and less effective effort to control global warming. An increase in covert and overt Russian expansion in Europe. A nuclear armed Iran and existential threat to Israel. A new global arms race and subsequent nuclear proliferation.

Dependable allies and strong alliances are essential among free nations to maintain a free world. America’s reputation had been that of the “leader of the free world.”

Donald Trump is betraying all of that and the people who fought and died over it. In my opinion, this is tantamount to treason.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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