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January 23, 2020

To The Eagle:

Vote Yes for the Wahkiakum School Bond. It’s the necessary and right thing to do. Built in the early ‘60s, the high school was built with pride to last. But it wasn’t built to last forever. The high school has stood nearly 60 years without any significant updates, remodels or repairs. That’s 20 years past the predicted life expectancy and something needs to be done now. Here are some of the reasons why:

• There is no sprinkler or other fire suppression system at the HS.

• The existing fire alarms do not function properly.

• School seismic construction standards were adopted statewide in 1975. Wahkiakum HS has not been updated.

• Some rooms are not useable due to poor air quality (too much CO2 due to poorly functioning HVAC) and/or asbestos disturbance issues.

• The roof is failing (leaking) and needs constant repairs to avoid complete failure.

• Current set up does not allow for adequate security (regulation of access to school interior).

• Lack of bathrooms due to failing plumbing.

This is not a bond to build a new school. It just fixes what needs to be fixed. No fluff. Engineers have determined that there are still some good bones left and the structure can be reinforced, remodeled and brought up to code.

For the last 60 years it has never been a good time financially to do the necessary updates, so the can kept getting kicked down the road. We’re so very close to the end of that road.

For the well being of our kids, we need to do this now. Vote Yes for the Wahkiakum School Bond.

Juanita Luiz

Puget Island


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