Vote no school bond


January 30, 2020

To The Eagle:

How good it is to have a few weeks to decide if we want to buy a $28.75 million house with a no down payment 22 year mortgage? Depending on the interest the cost could double. Not only that but some investor is making a profit on the amount of property taxes we have to pay. This is my way of summarizing why I will vote no on the proposed bond issue. I hope everyone else will, too.

Please join me in encouraging our school administrators to work for us in the most economical way possible by using levies instead of bonds. Working for us, really, is their job. So if they can come up with the Grand Master Plan, I am confident they wil be able to prioritize the work that is needed.

Lord, have mercy on us poor property taxpayers. This bond issue appears to be a 40 percent tax increase for 22 years on property. Possibly more. Vote no.

Gilbert Vik

Puget Island


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