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Who or what is the governor listening to?


To The Eagle:

I, as a reasonably intelligent person with no medical background, can look at the facts and data relative to COVID-19 and come to a much different approach and conclusion than our governor.

First I leave politics out of the equation, then I look at the facts. The most important ones are the virus is not as bad as first thought in fact it acts like most viruses, that is most will recover from it. Then I factor in the knowledge that it is a greater danger to seniors and those with serious chronic medical conditions.

A fact to consider is that the people have and will continue to social distance, wash their hands, not touch their face, stay home when sick and will keep our seniors and ill safe from unnecessary exposure. Then why not begin to reopen the county?

I know that people work hard but still have to live paycheck to paycheck which becomes impossible when you have no paycheck for weeks, something our governor has seemingly forgotten or just doesn't care about.

We all must get back to work. The people have done everything asked of them relative to COVID-19 safety precautions and they have paid a very heavy price financially while suffering greatly doing so.

On a personal note, having served as a sergeant in the US Army, I can tell you that I am mad as hell to have my freedoms taken away by a governor that is supposed to work for me.

I don't know what facts and data the governor is using but they’re not real ones, I smell politics and that is just wrong.

Our county had two cases of COVID-19 both have recovered, thank God, so I again ask our county commissioners, politicians I trust, to do the right thing and reopen the county with safeguards in place. The people of Wahkiakum County want their lives back now, not tomorrow, not the end of the month, now.

Paul Schreiber



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