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To The Eagle:

Mucho stuff about Black Lives Matter in last week’s Eagle, but there’s more, or as the late newscaster Paul Harvey would put it, “the rest of the story.” Among the more amusing was Pelosi and Schumer donning colorful Kente cloth duds in support of BLM, oblivious to the fact that it came from the Ashanti tribe, who were leading suppliers of slaves to the Dutch and English slave trade for more than a century. Also entertaining was the story of Cheryl Selby, the mayor of Olympia, who supported and marched with BLM, so they rewarded her by vandalizing her home.

Take Bill Wainwright’s advice and check’em out on the internet and you’ll find they are a global radical Marxist group with multi-million dollar funding from the Borealis and Ford Foundations and George Soros, and they are anti-family, anti-Semitic, anti-law enforcement, and anti-capitalist. Analysis of videos of their various riots and demonstrations shows them to be largely millennial, female, white, and members of the “woke” crowd – more of a testimony to the abject failure of our colleges than to the importance of black lives.

Their Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle has now yielded a homicide plus a couple of accidental deaths with the police locked out, but their performance was topped by Chicago, which had 100 shootings with 14 fatalities over the weekend. Meanwhile, other groups across the country are tearing down our monuments, and local leaders abdicate their primary responsibility, which is public safety. The only common denominator here is that all of ’em, leaders and participants, are Democrats.

No doubt the “adults” Mr. Wainwright refers to.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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