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Try giving some sound advice


To The Eagle:

Do our county commissioners even realize that anyone is listening to their meetings these days? Some of their statements are so ridiculous they are laughable.

Commissioner Backman states that we should have had a hospital built here by now, after all they've had months to get it done. Health care is a top concern in this country today and it is obvious he knows nothing about it. I suggest he contact Legacy Health Systems. He could ask how many years, how many permits, and how many hundreds of millions of dollars it took to build a hospital at Salmon Creek. Then he could ask what size population it takes to support a hospital. Here's a hint, they don't run on political hot air.

Commissioner Cothren states that public health officials endorsed the widespread demonstrations and has been a vocal opponent of restrictions. I don't believe public health officials have any say about demonstrations.

Instead of making ridiculous suggestions and reckless accusations, try giving some sound advice. Believe the science, follow the medical advice, and obey the governor's orders. Wear your mask, wash your hands, and stay out of political rallies. You can't stop a pandemic by ignoring it and you can't rebuild an economy when the workers all get sick. Stop complaining and be glad we aren't back in lockdown like California.

Mariane Brightbill

Puget Island


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