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Listen to the heart's cry for a scalded nation


To The Eagle:

That fellow is still waiting to publicly debate anyone who thinks defunding the police, anarchy, riots, looting and socialism are solutions to anything. Hope he packed a lunch. It’s gonna be a long wait.

First, neo-socialism actually is the solution to many things. Reactionary Republicans know this and hate it for that reason. Case closed. Otherwise, that fellow is right. Disruptive, peaceful mass demonstrations, violent riots and social disorder are not solutions. They are symptoms. They are a dynamic, necessary process. Call it revolution. Call it evolution. Call it the heart’s cry of a nation being scalded by its self inflicted injuries.

Unfortunately, as non-violent protests persist to keep pressure on civil authorities to address police brutality, it is inevitable that amoral opportunists on the sidelines will start breaking glass, looting and starting fires. This uprising and its demonstrations are the massed voice of an enormous body of citizens who are very, very upset.

White hot anger and unendurable frustration fuel the communal rage being acted out against law enforcement that has terrorized and even murdered minorities for over a century. Some notorious police precincts in this nation have devolved into training centers for armed, blue uniformed lynch mobs. The paradox is this: Who must we still call for help in the face of lawlessness and violence?

In my opinion, "defunding the police" should be about reconstructing law enforcement in order to exorcize its evil elements. When the last of the lawless, murderous bastards wearing badges have been forced out, millions of decent, dedicated police officers will finally be liberated from their influence along with all the citizens they have pledged to serve and protect.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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