We need appropriate forest management


October 8, 2020

To The Eagle:

Everywhere I go - whether its Aberdeen, Cathlamet, Raymond, Grayland, or Skamokawa – I’m told things need to change. People’s concerns have been sidelined, their industries shrunk, and their businesses shut down. We all know this year has been one for the books, but most of these concerns are rooted in reoccurring problems which have gone unaddressed for years. When legislators become out of touch with their constituents, problems compound and erupt at the worst moments with devastating consequences.

If you had trouble breathing last week, thank Governor Inslee and the majority party whose mismanagement of our forests escalated the damage done. Our changing climate worsened these devastating fires but denying the facts will not prevent another wildfire. We need appropriate forest management, but where are Senator Takko and Representative Blake on this issue? Senator Takko said, “We can either choose an experienced candidate with a proven record of getting things done in our district, or somebody who will sit on the sidelines in the minority party of the Senate.” Let’s take him at his word.

Dean Takko has been a legislator for 16 years, I’ve had enough of his pet projects. It’s time we address the very real and serious issues affecting our district by choosing someone who has spent their life as an employee, business owner, and community leader – not a career politician. Jeff Wilson has created jobs across the district, been an environmental leader in the Voluntary Stewardship Program, and cut taxes 53 percent as port commissioner. He see’s our forests as a renewable resource that must be protected and understands that protecting them means managing them rather than letting them burn down. We all care about our forests, so let’s do something about it. Vote for Jeff Wilson this November.

Emily Torjusen



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