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NASTY OUT--As this work week begins, we've got lots of rain to add to what we had over the weekend and those puddles have turned into "lakes" and with king tides this past weekend, the streams are full and fields have gotten even fuller and I think the only ones really happy about it are the ducks! As I write this, I got a message that said we were to have a chance of high winds tomorrow (Tuesday), so I hope they skipped us, but if not, I hope you were ready for them and that we all got to keep our power on. We've had multiple problems with trees and rocks coming down and taking out our power and blocking our roadways. I'm pretty sure we'd like to breeze through all the upcoming weather events; good luck to us all!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Nov. 19-25 are Susan Prestegard, Gunner Blix, Larry Holland, Michell Rose, Kyle Parker Jr., Kinsely Helms, Mike Brown, Kayli Quigley, Cheryl Parker, Tari Peterson, Rae Anne Willson, James Jacobson, Sharon Deaton, Sandy Everman, Ray Davis, Kadi Allen, Dana Montgomery, Bryce McCoy, Toni Below and Hank Ferguson.

Those celebrating anniversaries this week are Scott and Tracy Tomlinson, Mike and Melanie Stone, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Garrett, Virgil and Lisa Cothren, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Widman, Jeff and Shelly Hedges, Carl and Ruth Linquist and Mark and Sherry McCormack. Here's wishing all of you a wonderful time celebrating your special days.

FOS--Due to the latest shut downs and restrictions via the governor's office, the Friends of Skamokawa have had to call off their annual "Deck the Halls" open house. You can still shop online however and they can mail things to you anywhere here in the USA, so for those of you who do online shopping, you've still got a chance to support the FOS and the historic hall and get some great books and other things. If you're feeling in the holiday spirit and just want to send a donation to them to help out with lost revenues due to closures, you can mail one to FOS, P.O. Box 67, Skamokawa, WA 98647.

MANY CHANGES--With our current virus/restriction situation being fluid, I'm not positive about the cancellations of many of the upcoming events that were supposed to be happening around our area this month. So, that being said, if you were planning on attending one of them, please be sure to check with those who are holding them to see if they will still be taking place.

Some places, like the Duck Inn, have opted to close their doors during this time as it's just not feasible to only have take out food and until covered outdoor seating is available, the odds of anybody wanting to sit out in the rain and the cold are "zip." They plan on adding on some outside enclosures however, so they should be completed by the time they are allowed to reopen, and we'll be anxiously awaiting for that to happen.

SONS OF NORWAY--I hope you are getting this paper on Thursday, Nov. 19, as this is the last day to order Lefse and other Scandinavian pastries for the pick-up date of this Saturday, Nov. 21. They will also be taking orders in December for you to have for Christmas. I have yet to receive an actual pick up date on that, but as always, the earlier you order, the more helpful it is to those that are actually making and putting the goodies together. For more information and to order your Scandinavian goodies, call Jan at 360-431-1705 or Susan at 360-849-4476.

STAR PROGRAM--There may be some changes when it comes to the Wahkiakum County Star Program, as some places where the "trees" would have been hung in order for you to pick a star, are now going to be closed. However, the Bank of the Pacific will still be able to take your cash donations so that's an easy stop to make and a great way to make sure the kids get the help and cheer they need this holiday season. Be sure to call the director of this group, NovaLee Knopp, for all the information and suggestions concerning this program: 360-431-5232 and do it right away as the clock is a 'tickin'!

NEW COATS NEEDED--The Cathlamet Woman's Club is urging you to take part in their "New Coat Drive" for those kids under age 17. You can drop off a new coat or a monetary donation at the Bank of the Pacific for this cause, just like for the Star Program. You are asked to have your new coat or cash donation turned in by December 11. Naturally, the earlier the better so the "elves" can make their lists and do their shopping!

HELP ANIMALS!--We have always had a soft spot in our hearts for animals but not everybody is so kind to them, so a local group was formed called: Wahkiakum Animal Advocates Group, or WAAG. They have been great at taking in lost animals or finding homes for unwanted ones, but as always, doing good works costs money. If you'd like to send a Christmas gift to them to help out their cause and help take care of a neglected animal, you can send a donation to them at P.O. Box 231, Cathlamet, WA 98612.

FEELING DOWN?--I know some of you may be feeling just a bit gloomy and maybe over-whelmed by the return of more restrictions, but there's always something that you can do to perk yourself up, and that's to do "good deeds." If you can make somebody else smile by doing some simple kind deeds, why not be the bright spot in somebody else's otherwise, gray day? If you donate to some of the above programs, you will certainly make them feel good, but what about your elderly neighbor, or maybe you know some folks in a care center.What could put a smile on their face? I have a feeling that they would be thrilled to get a card in the mail with a few smiley stickers or your own happy "doodles" on it. What about having a little fun and be someone's "secret pal?" Why not send a card or little gift to someone who you think would just love a little surprise right now? Let's spread some joy, as if we want to see more goodness, we have to "be the good." It will make you feel so much better just knowing you brightened up someone's day, so it's a "win win" situation. Try it; you'll be glad you did!

EARLY DEADLINES--We have early deadlines this week so please call me right away if you would like me to add something in my column.

Also, in case you are some of those people who don't get their paper as early as we locals do, I want to wish you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

OUT OF THE PAST--This week back in 1950, the rains were coming down for the first three days before there was a one day break and then it rained some more. That week even California was experiencing some serious flooding. However, this was nothing compared the storms back East which were dubbed the "worst in history" east of the Mississippi, which may have had something to do with the horrible train accident that occurred in New York.

It was a happy time for a couple of families this week as the Roger Belows had a baby girl and the "Swede" Watkins had a baby boy that same day, Nov. 22.

More happiness came in the form of the phone strike that was settled ahead of the holiday season, so that made everybody happy!

That year, Thanksgiving Day was on Nov. 23, and Leon Healy cooked the turkey for his family, along with the Everests and everyone had a wonderful dinner. Their daughter, Donna, drew names for Christmas so they were all set to go and find the perfect gift for their chosen family member that year. My Dad, Krist Pedersen drew his father-in-law, Ralph Everest and my Mom, Carol, drew her sister-in-law, Ruby. The group had a surprise visit from Mary Jacobson and the family was thrilled that she took their picture with a "flash bulb camera." A fancy new thing it seems!

All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's diary.


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