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Those who work for social justice do not hate America

To The Eagle:

A lady of Swiss lineage recently wrote in to express her scorn for social activists whom she describes as “Socialist/Communist” who hate America.

How dare she accuse me of hating America because I don’t believe, like her, that “ no one’s home or loved one will be safe” in this country until we all go out and buy even more guns. “Love America as I do” she says. “Let us be kind” she says.

Where’s the love and kindness in her lies, that those of us who work for social justice, the Woke, seek to “divide Americans, release violent criminals, demoralize our police and weaken our economy.” What a crock of right wing cowflops.

The men, women and children slaughtered like cattle in mass shootings were not murdered by gun slinging thugs and criminals. They were killed by “good law abiding gun owners” until the moment they weren’t, and shot as many in the crowd as they could with a 30 round magazine.

As an American of good conscience, I’m proud of my Woke social activism. I love my country. When it does good, I sing its praises. When it fails to live up to its promise, I say it out loud.

Cathlamet is an island of calm in a crazy world, sort of like neutral Switzerland, but take note, not many of us here are neutral about the stuff that counts.

My neighbors and I disagree over some of that stuff, but disagreement and dissent too, are the stuff of patriotism. I don’t take kindly to anyone saying we hate our country because we disagree with their politics.

Grace Ling

Puget Island


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