We've had enough


September 9, 2021

To The Eagle:

Our editor says he does not understand the reasoning behind the anti-mandates demonstration. Well, lemme ‘splain it! The editorial’s next sentence says the pandemic threatens the lives of young and old alike and that masking and vaccination are proven methods of preventing spread. That doesn’t even qualify in the “close, but no cigar” range.

The pandemic doesn’t threaten young and old alike. Deaths below age 15 are statistically insignificant, the vast majority of deaths are people over 65, many of them over 80. Studies show masks to be between marginally effective, useless, and sometimes harmful. In children they’re harmful both physically and psychologically.

Masks and distancing probably helped “flatten the curve” to avoid hospital overflow but should have stopped after Easter 2020 as Trump suggested. Hospitals should have prepared for the predictable second wave, but didn’t, and are now shorthanded as thousands of staff quit (or are fired) in the new round of mandates. Biden has refused to release $52.5 billion in hospital relief funding (mostly left over from the Trump administration). Our division into essential and non-essential was pure political tyranny, disastrous to the economy. The many reasons for avoiding the vaccines include health, religion, logic, and availability of alternative treatments. But now “woke” corporations have joined the tyranny, forcing us to choose between our livelihoods and a possibly fatal or unconscionable shot.

Why a demonstration here? This county is full of competent people who have traveled the world, worked at complicated enterprises, fought for our country and raised families. If magically transported here to join our community, these political and corporate elites could not demonstrate enough moral fiber to babysit our children, much less the competence to run a business – and they’re giving us marching orders? We’ve had enough.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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