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September 9, 2021

To The Eagle:

The Supreme Court let stand the Texas abortion law that protects unborn human beings from slaughter. Now I know all you pro choice folks are going to tell me that a man shouldn't have an opinion but when a woman can create a baby without a man then and only then will I believe it is only a woman's issue. I know you abortion backers like to give unborn babies names like fetus and embryo but it is a baby. Don't just believe me ask God. One thing we can agree on, it isn't a Spotted Owl because you liberals would be trying to save it, right?

Gas is $4.09 locally and it hasn't been going down, Poul.

Biden is incompetent and a very lousy liar that should resign. He is an embarrassment to the country and is clearly over his head as president. He left Americans behind. He must go.

I ask again why do we need to see each week, a running total of Covid cases since the Pandemic began nearly two years ago? Could it be that if we were informed only about the few active cases the government couldn't scare away our rights so easily.

School is starting; watch out for the kids when you drive around town.

Paul Schreiber



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