I am a human racist


September 23, 2021

To The Eagle:

Let me explain: I believe most people are human racists just like me. If a person of any race enjoys hurting others in any of a hundred ways, such as physical harm, stealing from them and yes hating them for the color of their skin or their beliefs, then that is a human I can't stand no matter what race.

Now if a person goes about their life being honest, being kind, caring about his or her fellow human being then that is a person I like no matter what race.

I will give some examples of people I can't stand: those that blame others for their self-inflicted wounds such as women who have babies with multiple men and demand taxpayers provide for them, men that won't work to support their children or themselves.

My biggest dislike goes to those Black people that aren't honest with themselves and blame White people for their problems. I guess they just don't get the fact that all people, Black, White, Brown have problems, but we work through them, solve them if we can and what we don't do is sit around blaming others for our problems.

So I am a human racist and proud of it.

Paul Schreiber



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