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Writer fearful for future of democracy

To The Eagle:

Something in last week's paper jumped out at me. Well, three things actually. Number 1: It's nice that the overseer of the PUD gets his 5% raise. Like the rest of us on SS that will help a little with the 5% inflation rate. Following that bit of news was that 18 customers will have their power turned off for non payment. I get it that they were given every chance but has it occurred to the powers that maybe some are simply unable to pay this and for whatever reason shouldn't be a public concern. We are in the beginning weeks of winter and not a good time to be off grid. This to me is where Christianity breaks down to just some mumble jumble on Sunday morning to make one feel good about themselves. To the least of thee....

Number 2: The troll is still putting nonsensical ‘opinions' in our paper. Masks do work better than no mask. Masks don't cause you to poison yourself. Vaccinations do prevent many deaths regardless of what one hears to the contrary on any number of sites designed to confuse the Easily Led. Please stop!

Then number 3: Watching the political scene unfold it occurs to me that many would be quite happy with a dictator in charge of our country. 70% of the GOP think the Big Lie is true and only because the biggest liar in over 240 years says it's true. No facts to back it up but really, who needs facts? This guy has stated he likes dictators, wouldn't mind staying in office for life and the Constitution just gets in his way. Many are happy enough if their belly is full and maybe getting a tummy rub once in a while.

As a USMC veteran, citizen and American proud of what our country could and can accomplish it makes me a little fearful for the future of democracy.

James Roberts

Elochoman Valley


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