School supporter urges yes vote


January 27, 2022

To The Eagle:

The school levy for Wahkiakum School District will be voted on February 8, 2022. Every school district in Washington State has a school levy that provides for maintenance of basic needs - books, teachers, teacher assistants, special education tools, extra curricular activities, and school building maintenance to name a few.

A school levy is not just for schools but helps define the community it is in. If this school levy does not pass, the school will not have money for basic needs.

Eventually, if not immediately, families will leave to find a school and community that offers what our community would not. The result will be fewer residents to support local stores, banks, restaurants, clinics and more. The quality of living will decrease.

I love living here and don’t want to see its demise. Please vote for the school levy which is even less than what was approved four years ago. Keep Cathlamet a desired place to live.

Vote yes!

Deborah Lincoln



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