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To The Eagle:

Over the last couple of months I have written a couple of opinion letters to The Eagle, unfortunately neither were printed. It seems a few of the same people are consistently having their letters printed in The Eagle.

I am a Gold Star Family member. My father, Larry S. Pierce, was killed Sept. 29, 1965, fighting for his country in the Republic of Vietnam. During his service in Vietnam he was awarded the Silver Star. On Feb. 24, 1966, he was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. I have a huge amount of respect for our country and military.

Throughout the years when it has come to politics I have usually toed the line, voting for whoever I thought would be best for our country and people. I read an opinion in The Eagle recently where the writer stated “ This isn’t the country I immigrated to in 1957.” Unfortunately I would have to disagree with this statement, the country hasn’t changed, but the people and their way of thinking has. People these days are voting based on their “feelings “ as opposed to simply voting for who would do the best job for our country. If I voted solely based on my feelings, I would have voted Bush in 1992 and Dole in 1996 because I could not stand Bill Clinton. But at the time the incumbent Bush had not been doing a good enough job for our country, so I decided to vote for Clinton. I voted for him again over Bob Dole in 1996. During Clinton’s final years of office, we had a budget surplus instead of a budget deficit. I have no regrets voting for him even though my “feelings “ for him were not good.

I have a question, who would still vote for Joe Biden with record high inflation, record high gas prices, skyrocketing food prices, reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan, broken borders, out of control crime, baby formula shortages, broken stock market, not to mention how close he still has us to war with Russia? Or would you vote Donald Trump who actually did a very good job for his country while in office, but tweeted some things that hurt some peoples feelings? The point I’m trying to make is, are you willing to sacrifice your vote over feelings instead of what is best for your country; if so you may be part of the unrecognizable change you are witnessing.

Greg Pierce



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