Public trust lacking in mRNA vaccines


September 22, 2022

To The Eagle:

A PhD. asked “how science communicators might restore public trust?” Answer is simple, logical and ignored by medical administrators, vaccine manufacturers, politicians and media.

All science communicators must tell the truth, the whole truth and be 100% honest about the science from all research and study findings worldwide.

When “science communicators” pick and choose which science to embrace, and which science to ignore and then try to silence it; that destroys any public trust. In science, to avoid prejudiced pseudo-science, all cards must be face-up on the table (Carl Sanders position). All science must be fairly presented. All NIH, CDC and FDA public health committee meetings must be open to the public and media.

In a civilized world honesty matters, truth matters and today's “health mandates” which science often contradicts is troubling. When a Nobel Laureate virologist is ignored and his findings are silenced by media and government, the public knows vaccine honesty and truth are being hidden from them. In both science and medicine, one solution or treatment does not fit all humanity. Only ‘double-blind’ studies are reliable indicators and not prejudiced toward a preferred outcome which benefits an agenda.

Albert Einstein: “The ability to look at the same issue from a number of different views, and not being attached to any one particular interpretation, reflects desire to understand, rather than to invest personal ego in any isolated perspective.”

R. Fritz



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