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October 6, 2022

Karen Bertroch

From left, Kristen Harmon and Dawn Neese, at the Hair Villa in Naselle, offer full services.

This is Dispatch #40 for the year. Eleven weeks remain in 2022. But hark, do not wail and worry, Christmas "stuff" is all over Fred Meyer, Costco and even Dollar General is ready. But please remember Thanksgiving after Halloween and before Christmas. I think it's the best holiday.

Correction: Sometimes I get confused, move too fast and mess up. Last week's article on the Naselle GRV School Board meeting was written by this reporter, not Lisa Nelson. I moved too fast and did not type my name at the top. Lisa Nelson did check it for me to make sure the information was correct, so she was credited with the work. I am not saying this to bring attention to me; rather I am taking the blame from Lisa and putting it on my shoulders, just in case someone is not happy with anything in the article. So let me start with that as we begin our "Travels with Karen."

Past Weekend Events: Let's start with the past weekend. The weather was so wonderful, a beautiful fall day that was not just warm but hot for this time of year. At the Archives Center, the Loggers Reunion was a success with Jim Oatfield and Doug Sandell both honored. The food was provided by Travis Boggs who always delivers fine choices and takes good care of hungry folks. The covered walkway was full of people and folks enjoyed being together and catching up, sometimes with relatives not seen for a long time. The Covered Bridge Dinner was at its best. It was so wonderful to have all these activities "back" after such a long time cancelled due to covid. Carol Ervest reports it was a big success and that 4-H alums helped which was great.

Photo of the Week: I wanted to get a haircut on Saturday but I did not want to drive to Astoria to the place I usually go. I called the Hair Villa and made an appointment with Dawn Neese. I hadn't been to the Hair Villa for years. What a fun experience. Dawn is from Tennessee and her accent is wonderful. She was very careful with what little hair I have left, and she cut it exactly as I asked. It was so nice to just run to Naselle and not make the long trip to Astoria. Kristen is the second hairdresser who was also busy at that time, with a coloring job. Before I got into the chair, an older gentleman had Dawn's attention so I visited with his wife for a few minutes. They have bought a house in the Rosburg area, I think, but I wasn't sure which one because the very interesting woman was telling me about their move from Glenallen, Alaska. They had only been here a couple days, so while her husband had his hair cut, I heard about their years up north and their excitement about moving here. Things were moving so quickly that I did not even get their names, so I'll try to follow up on that information for you. I am very happy with my haircut and hope you'll try out the Hair Villa if you, like me, have not been there for some time. And if you don't want to drive to Astoria, this is a good place to shop at home.

Grays River Habitat Enhancement District: While chatting with Andrea Vincent at the Naselle Coffee Company in front of Okie's, I learned the new Board of the Grays River Habitat Enhancement District will have their first meeting on Thursday, October 13, at 5:15 at Johnson Park. All landowners, agency or non-profit representatives and engineering consultants are invited also. The new board members are Andrea Vincent, Don Dyer and Judy Johnson.

Photography Exhibit: A new exhibit of photographs by local photographers is opening at Redmen Hall. "Rivertown through a Lens" will be open October 15 – November 12, with the opening reception on Sunday, October 15 at 1. Many of the photos are from members of the Facebook group, Wahkiakum County Photographers Page. It will be wonderful to have the opportunity to see and talk with them about their work. Living in this area gives all of us so many opportunities to photograph the beauty of where we live. We will enjoy them, I'm sure. And I hope some of them will end up at Tsuga Gallery for sale.

Knitting Group: On Mondays from 1-3, the Naselle Lutheran Church hosts a group who like to crochet and knit. If you would like to learn to knit or crochet, these folks can help you and will enjoy having you join their group. Also, remember that the Naselle Lutheran's Holiday Bazaar is set for November 12, so you have an opportunity there to sell your creations.

Karen Bertroch

The ball at the top of the Deep River Church steeple, is now attached and ready for next steps as work on the restoration of the church continues.

Comets Football Practice: I sent a photo to The Eagle of the Naselle GRV high school football team practicing. I was the only one in the bleachers, with Ben, of course napping on the ground. With them practicing and only myself watching, I know they could hear my one lone voice yelling, "Go, Comets." Those boys were intently focused and just as tired as they would be in a regular game. The coach rarely spoke loud enough for me to hear what he said, but the boys were focused on listening to him. While sitting there watching, it struck me that we could all use their example of listening, asking questions, and trying out what we're being taught. So often these days, we are wary or prone to mistrust. How wonderful to see those boys practicing hard, so that at the next game, the Homecoming game, they would be well prepared to win. And indeed, they did win, 54-6 playing Ilwaco. Go Comets!

Calendar of Events:

October 15 – November 12: Photo exhibit at Redmen Hall.

October 29: Rosburg Christmas Bazaar at Rosburg Hall.

November 12: Holiday Bazaar at Naselle Lutheran from 10-2.

November 12: Appelo Archives annual Harvest Dinner and Auction at Rosburg Hall.

Senior Lunches: CAP/Thursday Senior Lunches are now located inside Rosburg Hall at noon.

The next Wednesday Senior Lunch will be on October 19 at Rosburg Hall at noon.

Words for the week: KM Pass; Knappton Mill.


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