Heaven help us


January 26, 2023

To The Eagle:

One writer last week said he missed Howard Brawn's letters. I join him. It's times like this that I wish he was still wielding his pen to cross with mine but, alas, it's not to be. On that regard let me throw out a challenge to any and all writers to this paper.

Google Century 25 and give me your best shot. It appears to me that our society and perhaps most of the world have reached or are nearing what this study has concluded.

In the news this morning a gang of youth were told to quit hassling an elderly man on the subway and they turned on him beating him nearly senseless. Birthrates are falling which is good for the planet but bad for business.

Meanwhile we're being treated to the new congress doing nothing as fast as they can after they quit pulling their own wings off like suicidal flies. Heaven help us.

James Roberts



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