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WET BEGINNING--It’s a tadbit soggy out there as I begin this column as one of our atmospheric rivers is making itself known. Of course, if you’ve been here awhile, it’s just known as a typical rainy stretch of weather and it’s not anything too special unless it dumps two or three inches of rain on us every day, so I’m hoping that doesn’t occur! However, we need to make preparations for when these extra wet days cause a bit of flooding over our roadways and the potential for slides, etc., are more apt to occur, so let’s hope we’ve all been mindful of what can happen and be ready for it, just in case!

CLOCKS CHANGED--We wound up doing our “Spring Forward” routine this past Sunday and as usual, many folks are grumbling over the change and are trying to get their bodies to adjust to it. A good compromise to the situation of this “Spring Forward, Fall Back” routine was voiced by a gal who thought that instead of switching our clocks ahead and behind by a full hour each time, that we should just move forward a half hour and then just leave it that way forever. I think that’s an awesome idea. A half hour either way isn’t going to make that much difference in the grand scheme of things, so let’s all get on the band wagon for that kind of change and quit forcing us all to make this needless adjustment twice a year!

GOING FAST--This is St. Paddy’s Day time, as tomorrow is March 17 and all things green and Irish are in! I hope you’ve all checked out the local eateries as they are sure to have some of your favorite Irish meals; enjoy! Don’t forget to wear some green on that day as you don’t want any bad luck coming your way! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody!

RUMMAGE SALE--Don’t forget, the German Club will hold a rummage sale on March 18 and 19 at the high school, so check that out. Contact the school for hours as I have yet to see any posted or just stop by during mid-day on either Saturday or Sunday and I’m sure they’ll be there. Monies raised will help the kids in the club pay for all those small expenses that add up on their coming trip to Germany. It's going to be such an adventure for them!

TRAGEDY--An accident this past week between two vehicles left us with yet another loss in our area, as Terry Heagy did not survive the accident, but thankfully his grandson, Chase did. We were deeply saddened by this news and offer his wife, Mary and the rest of their family our most heartfelt sympathies. We want to offer Chase our very best wishes for a complete recovery. I know many thoughts and prayers go out to all those impacted by this tragic accident.

THURSDAYS--I hope you’re reading this on a Thursday morning so you can enjoy coming to the Skamokawa Grange Hall for the Community Breakfast held there each Thursday from 10 to 12. If you need a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, there is no cost but donations are welcome to keep this weekly event going and to help support the Grange as well. You can always bring a goodie to share, so if you’re near the bakery aisle, grab a box of donuts or some breakfast rolls and share them with others over a cup of coffee. If you are able, please feel free to donate coffee or paper towels or paper plates. All are used weekly so there’s a deep appreciation for all of your donations.

MUSIC ON SUNDAY--The March Acoustic Song Circle will take place at the Skamokawa Grange Hall this Sunday, March 19 at 3 p.m. If you like to strum a guitar and do a little singing, this will be the place to be. They had a great turnout last time and all those who enjoy gathering with others while they do a little “pickin’ and grinnin’” is more than welcome to attend.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from March 16-22 are Lucy Bosch, Connie Bassi, Laurie Miller, Mariah Souvenir, Mark Fladebo, Pat Kehrli, Randy Hoven, Carol Wegdahl, Lanie Hannah, Lance Souvenir, Ana Marsyla, Cathy LaBerge, Katie Turgeon, Angie Nettles, Jim Montgomery, Taya Deal, Shelby Deaton, Keri Havens-Peterson, Gaylene Johnson, Mathew Kyle and Gene Healy.

Those celebrating anniversaries this week are Pam and Layton Elliott, Janelle and Kevin Gilligan, Bill and Shelley Olsen, Tyson and Sarah Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Brett Deaton and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Vincent. I truly hope you have wonderful celebrations as you enjoy your special days this week.

RETIRING--One of the people on the above list will have another reason to celebrate soon, as Mike Vincent will retire towards the end of the month from the state highway department, so we want to say congratulations to him! I’m sure he’ll be happy to enjoy some down time after all these years of being out there through the heat and the cold and all those miserable snowy, icy days, so we truly wish him all the best as he will soon be kicking back and enjoying the summer days like the rest of us!

EXERCISE--Don’t forget that on the fourth Saturday of the month, which is March 25, the “Bigfoot Boogie” dance/exercise opportunity will take place at the Skamokawa Grange Hall. Remember, you don’t need a partner, you just need to move to the music and get in some good exercise while having a little fun too. General admission is $10 but if you’re under 18 or over 65, it’s only $5. If you need more information, send an email to

WRONG INFO--If you have gotten a newer version of the phone numbers for our area in the small CenturyLink phone book, you may have noticed that some numbers have been left out, especially those concerning Wahkiakum County numbers and some numbers are actually incorrect. I even see some addresses that don’t really add up either, so, be sure to double check them. I am told that those who need meal deliveries (frozen) for their loved ones, can contact Tammy Davis at CAP at 1-360-751-3200.

CONGRATS--It was another great photograph of local, Mikayla Davis, as she and her horse graced the cover of “Crooked Creek” quarter horse magazine recently; it was awesome! Congrats to her and her hardworking horse, as getting this sort of recognition is pretty special!

REUNION--My apologies to Julie Engelson McKagan for the incorrect name I gave her a couple of weeks ago when I spoke of the WHS Class of 1963 reunion; sorry about that! As a reminder, the class will meet for their 60th reunion on July 15 at 5 p.m., at the conference room behind the Skamokawa Resort/General Store. For more info, call Julie 360-459-8810 or Gary Emery 360-849-9067.

STILL SEWING--If you like to sew and enjoy doing good deeds for others, the “Dress A Girl” project is still going on. If you’d like to make a few simple dresses to give to those who don’t have any, please contact Pearl Blackburn at The pattern and material are provided, so all you need to do is contact Pearl and she’ll let you know when and where they meet.

CLOSURES AND DETOURS--Sometimes we find ourselves unable to get to and from Longview and depending on where the stoppage is, one can often go around a different way. The trouble is, we have never been able to convince the powers that be, that they need to put up signs and make a well marked detour route. Getting around a blockage between Cathlamet and county line is possible by going out the Elochoman Road and taking the Beaver Creek Road and following it down until it comes to Mill Creek and then you can get back on SR 4 towards Longview.

However, if the blockage is between Stella and Longview, that doesn’t do you much good. There is a way around that too, but if you’re not familiar with the area, it might be worth your while to investigate this route on a sunny day when you just want to take a drive and check it out. I’ve been told that this is the route to take, so from our end, you would turn onto Germany Creek, which is just west of Stella, and then take Fall Creek and then Stella Road, then to Harmony Drive and then finally you’ll get to Coal Creek Road and make a right turn back to the big intersection at SR 4, which is west of Baker’s Corner. However, I would strongly advise making a dry run during daylight hours, rather than wait and have to make a trip in the dark! Also, avoid leaving SR 4 and going up Stella Road and heading east. It’s possible but it’s actually just for local traffic and is one lane only in spots, so you could find yourself backing down a long ways if you meet somebody; not good! You are advised to use Germany Creek Road instead. Here’s hoping this route is not necessary in the coming days but it never hurts to know another way if need be. Don’t forget you can also take the ferry.

STILL TROUBLE--It seems when I count on the internet working or the phones working, they go “ka-poot” so if you can’t reach me, please know that I’m here; just out in the boonies where nothing wants to work when I really need it to!


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