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NGRV school board meeting moves forward

On Tuesday, March 21, the Naselle Grays River Valley School Board met, moving through a full agenda. One board member was absent, Tyson Vogeler. Several community members were present giving the board added input. The board approved the hiring of Cody Olsen for JV softball coach. For unfinished business, Policy 4210, Regulations of Dangerous Weapons on School Premises, Superintendent Lisa Nelson reported that she had consulted with a legal advisor who read through the various options developed by not only the staff and board, but also with citizen input, to determine which option would be best for the district. With the help of the legal resource, the board moved forward. Concern was expressed regarding signage: would a sign saying gun free zone give a shooter pause or encourage the use of a weapon? Since the State of Washington requires signage, the final proposed Policy 4210 included all input and legal guidance.

For a second reading, Policy 2411 was discussed addressing High School Equivalency Certificates (GED). Ms. Nelson explained that there are few students coming into the school wanting GED help. The next policy had a second reading, Policy 3230, Searches of Students and Student Privacy. This one will move forward as it is because State RCW’s guide school actions and decisions. Number 3231 regarding student records moved forward. For policy #3421 Child Abuse and Neglect, the board was reminded that whether or not the abuse is committed by an adult or a child, it is the staff’s responsibility to respond to the situation by reporting it. Staff need not verify whether an abusive act has happened because that is the responsibility of the legal authorities after notification. This policy passed.

Under new business, the board approved overnight trips and activities for spring sports and events. They also approved the school calendar for 2023-24. There was a first review of a suggested policy developed by a committee with both community parents and board members, Aris Campbell and Amy Chadwick for Policy 1125, Parental Involvement. A discussion was then held regarding reimbursement for shortage of students at the Naselle Youth Camp. The reimbursement addressed the shortage of students which had caused NGRV School to have a smaller enrollment, even though funds had been spent for the state’s estimated number of students who would be at the NYC for the last year. The amount received was $600,000. Ms. Nelson spoke at length regarding use of the funds for capital needs as prioritized by the Facilities Committee. Projects mentioned as priorities included the repair of the track, septic needs and heating.

Another discussion focused on a different format for a community survey that would ask specific questions rather than broad ones as before. The next survey will be developed by the board.

Principal Justin Laine gave a report on student activities including a job fair with 85 guests exposing students to various career options; trips for juniors and seniors to several college campuses; and the Knowledge Bowl which was successful for all who participated. He also mentioned that 7th and 8th graders made a field trip to the Appelo Archives Center to view the Lewis and Clark maps on display there. It was a successful visit for students and staff as well.


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