Town talks Glengate intersection


Members of the Cathlamet Town Council heard concerns from people living in the Glengate area about a vehicle parked in front of a home at the intersection of their outlet with Columbia Street that was blocking visibility and creating a dangerous situation for residents who wanted to exit the subdivision.

The mayor said they received a notification the week prior from the sheriff that in the interest of public safety, it would be wise to place no parking signs preventing vehicle parking at least 50 feet from the Glen Gate exit onto Columbia Street.

As it is now, the large RV that is parked to the east of that public drive intersecting with Columbia Street is a traffic hazard to anyone exiting from the drive and onto Columbia Street, the letter from the sheriff read, and it is a manner of time before someone is struck by westbound traffic.

Parking signs were recommended, as the department would then be able to address traffic and safety issues.

“Once the sign is up, vehicles will be subject to being moved,” Town Attorney Fred Johnson explained. “This is not directed at one person’s vehicle, it is any vehicle.”

After a lengthy discussion, the council approved the resolution to erect a sign prohibiting parking along Columbia Street easterly of the intersection with Glengate.

The board also discussed their comprehensive plan and decided that it needed more revision and a clearer narrative, and approved the purchase of a used tractor with 705 hours from Forrest Mora for $17,000.

A proclamation was read naming May 1, 2023 as Rick Nelson day, honoring his contribution to the community he loved as editor and publisher of the Wahkiakum County Eagle.

Councilmember Laurel Waller wondered if the honor should be limited to 2023, or if every May 1 could be Rick Nelson day, which was met with some approval.


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