We did great when Trump was president


To The Eagle:

About that true info; who controls the MSM news (mainstream media)?

Why would we want to partner with NATO, WHO and these foreign affairs? We’re paying each of these leaders a salary of millions of dollars. What do we get in return from them? Nothing and they’re smiling all the way to their bank with our money.

I recall a letter a while back that someone hadn’t mowed their lawn because of high gas prices. I did the same thing, too. It was an eyesore for my neighbors. But whose fault is that? I didn’t vote for him but you did. You said inflation has gone down slowly. Wishful thinking. Have you gone grocery shopping? Got gas? Where are you getting your news? I already mentioned we did great when Trump was president. Gas was under $2, food was affordable even when Covid hit us. Then when Biden took over, he could’ve continued to follow through where Trump left off but he didn’t. We all saw on TV on his first day, he signed executive orders and shut everything down. Immediately, many lost their jobs, benefits and homes yet many government employees were able to keep theirs. You think that’s ok? (To our hard-working employees at the county courthouse, please do not take offense; I’m simply trying to make a point.)

Unfortunately, big government is back again including weaponized IRS agents. Did you know that or does that not bother you? I say everybody pays 15% to the Treasury Dept.; they can distribute accordingly to each state. Then exterminate the IRS.

It’s wonderful to sit down and debate with a few minor differences. But knowing you’ll vote for Biden again is of no use. Are you not aware many families are still struggling to this day? From day one when Biden took over, their livelihoods have been ruined by this corrupted varmint and his regime; yet you think his regime is doing a good job. Where are you getting your news?

Toni Below



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