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MSM also includes FOX 'News'

To The Eagle:

The $787.5 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems is the largest in US history. The FCC is proposing a $500,000 fine for FOX. Smartmatic sued Fox for defamation following the 2020 election and is seeking $2.7 billion in damages from Fox and other defendants. They’re suing right-wing TV networks Newsmax and OAN, which went even further than Fox News in their promotion of unhinged and debunked conspiracy theories about supposed election-rigging. Fox News will turn over more evidence in the Smartmatic defamation suit, including Murdoch documents. Despite all that, a previous writer thinks MSN does not include those lie-spewing (according to their own admissions) networks.

It seems the writer also failed history in school, or worse. NATO was formed to stop exactly what Putin and Russia are doing, similar to Hitler. How much is democracy worth? WHO was established to help control epidemics worldwide. Forgot the UN, The Paris Agreement, which thank goodness is getting serious, about saving the world as we know it. Most of those organizations have shortcomings, because they involve such diverse countries. BTW, if you are concerned about the IRS getting agents, booted by 45, perhaps, you may be cheating on your taxes, as 45? Finally, I do agree with the 15% tax and eliminating those IRS agents. That dream will never happen, as the upper crust have tax lawyers, who keep them from paying their share. Forty-five’s Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s own department analysts now peg the 10-year cost at $2.3 trillion, for the tax cut.

Most things are very good here in Rosburg.

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