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Our money should only serve the USA

To The Eagle:

According to the May 25 article, “New laws and funding requested and supported by Secretary of State Steve Hobbs during the 2023 Legislative session will help ensure the integrity of Washington’s elections and improve access to the ballot for eligible voters.”

Our legislators are hard at work; more new laws and restrictions supposedly to make our lives much easier. Whoopee! Now if they would just work together on lowering taxes for the American people and businesses; eliminate regulations, restrictions and fees; eliminate many government agencies from A to Z that do nothing for the American taxpayers, and lay off the government employees that work for those worthless government agencies; that would make our lives much easier.

About NATO, there are 31 countries that are members; many are embedded with Communism, Socialism, Democratic Socialism and Parliament. Some Parliament embraced Communism; Trudeau is one. Our money should serve only for USA purposes; not NATO, WHO or any of the global agencies. Every country can take care of itself. If a country asks and needs our help, it depends on who and what the situation is. If it’s for a good reason, I’m all for helping them but they need to come up with some kind of compensation in return if we’re to help them out.

It’s time to set aside all parties because they don’t mean a thing. The parties are not the same as they used to be. It’s time for all legislators to get down-to-earth and to come to the aid of our country, not with tyranny or mandates but to serve in harmony with, for and of the American people. It would be a miracle if that happened.

Toni Below



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