Sheriff's Report, June 22, 2023


Wahkiakum County law enforcement officers and emergency response personnel handled a variety of reports during the past week, including:

June 12 — 8:09 a.m. A caller reported that a phone was either lost or stolen. 9:37 a.m. A caller said she was bitten by a small white, leashed dog while walking down Columbia Street. 1:49 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided a child on Puget Island who was stung by a bee. 2:42 p.m. A driver was stopped in Deep River. The deputy found an open container in the vehicle and discovered that a driver’s license issued in the last month was suspended 10 days earlier. The driver claimed he did not know his license was suspended. State patrol determined he was not intoxicated and a licensed driver arrived to move the vehicle. 6:16 p.m. An alarm was activated with a keypad duress call at a Deep River home. An individual in the home told a deputy that everything was fine. 11:52 p.m. A caller said she was assaulted by an intoxicated ex-boyfriend in a Puget Island home while children were present. The man was later seen walking on a Puget Island road. A K9 unit was requested from Cowlitz County. At 12:31 a.m., the man was found swimming in a nearby slough before going into the brush. The Cathlamet ambulance was requested to treat the subject for hypothermia and the individual was later arrested.

June 13 — 1:29 a.m. A caller reported a lost phone. A phone was later found and turned in to dispatch, but it turned out to be a different phone than the one reported missing. 2:50 p.m. The sheriff’s department was given a referral from Adult Protective Services regarding a person in a Puget Island home. 3:10 p.m. 4:23 p.m. A trespass warning was issued for a person reported on a Deep River property. 7:21 p.m. A peacock was seen wandering on a Puget Island road. 7:28 p.m. A deputy provided a civil standby at a Puget Island residence. 7:52 p.m. A caller reported seeing dark smoke rising in the Deep River area. State patrol responded and found an RV, boat, and a pickup trailer on fire. The fire department responded. 9:44 p.m. A caller reported that a vehicle was traveling at 20 mph on SR 4 just west of County Line Park. The problem was unknown. State patrol responded.

June 14 — 7:47 a.m. The sheriff’s department was given more information about a lost phone. The case was located in Rosedale, but the phone was still missing. 9:26 a.m. A Puget Island resident said a neighbor’s dog was loose. 11:43 p.m. A caller said his vehicle was struck at some point while he was in the Cathlamet area. 4:10 p.m. A welfare check was requested for a man slumped backwards inside a pickup parked along SR 4 just east of County Line Park for several hours. 4:42 p.m. A caller accidentally dialed 911. 5:02 p.m. A resident in West Valley said she had been getting threatening phone calls. She said she had guns, but so did the person harassing her. 6:47 p..m. A Puget island resident said a man was leaning on a car shooting a rife towards her house and field, where she had cows. 10:14 p.m. An alarm was activated at the marina. The port manager was notified and en route.

June 15 — 6:49 a.m. A caller requested a welfare check on a friend in a Puget Island home. A deputy made contact with the resident and notified the caller that she was okay. 7:47 a.m. A caller said dogs were barking nonstop at a neighboring Elochoman Valley home. A deputy responded and saw several dogs, including one that was not confined on the property. Two were barking. The deputy spoke to the property owner. 3:07 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance transported an East Valley resident to the hospital. 3:37 p.m. A caller hung up after dialing 911. There was no answer when dispatch called back. 3:40 p.m. A caller reported a speeding vehicle on a Deep River road. The driver honked the horn as he passed the home. 10:07 p.m. A caller in a Marina Estates home said her husband had been drinking and was on the floor. She said she had been drinking too and needed help getting him into bed. The Cathlamet ambulance and a deputy responded and provided a lift assist. 11:01 p.m. A caller reported that the front door of the old shop building at the PUD appeared to be open. A deputy responded and secured the building.

June 16 — 8:33 a.m. An Elochoman Valley resident said they were being harassed by a neighbor after he visited their property that morning with his son. According to a deputy, there is an ongoing investigation into a matter with the neighbor’s dogs. The caller was advised about trespassing and restraining orders. 10:08 a.m. A coin purse with an ID and an ATM card was found and taken to the sheriff’s department. 3:39 p.m. Motion sensors activated an alarm at a property on Risk Road. 4:51 p.m. A car went into a ditch along Steamboat Slough Road. No injuries were reported. 5:04 p.m. A caller reported hearing approximately eight shots in the direction of the wastewater treatment plant. 9:48 p.m. A caller reported an erratic driver on SR 4 near County Line Park. 9:55 p.m. A welfare check was requested for a Cathlamet resident. 9:58 p.m. A pendant alarm was activated at an Elochoman Valley home. A deputy and the Cathlamet ambulance responded.

June 17 — 8:41 a.m. A caller believed he was being followed by a man from Portland who claimed to have escaped from a Utah prison. He said the man threatened him when he found out he was involved with his ex-girlfriend. 10:11 a.m. A caller reported that an outboard motor was stolen at the marina. 11:01 a.m. The Cathlamet ambulance responded to County Line Park to aid an individual who had suffered a head injury in a fall. 12:34 p.m. A caller accidentally dialed 911. 4:35 p.m. A caller reported that an erratic driver went off the roadway and into a ditch before swerving back into traffic on SR 4 in the Cathlamet area. 8:41 p.m. A caller reported that cows were loose on Puget Island. A possible owner was notified. 10:32 p.m. A caller who appeared to be intoxicated was concerned that her boyfriend was violating his probation by drinking. She said he was flirting with other girls and wouldn’t come home, but she was also afraid he was going to drive home drunk. A deputy contacted the caller.

June 18 — 3:51 a.m. A caller reported that someone was in a vacant home. 4:47 a.m. A Puget Island resident said her boyfriend came home drunk and broke the door down with a hammer after she locked him out for being out all night. She said he owned the home but she had lived there for four years. She hung up on dispatch and there was no answer when dispatch called back multiple times. 10:33 a.m. A caller reported that a tree was down and tangled in power lines in the West Cape Horn area. A deputy and the District 4 Fire Department responded and the fire was extinguished at 10:44 a.m. 10:34 a.m. A caller reported a power outage at a Rosedale home. The PUD was notified. 3:21 p.m. A caller hung up after dialing 911, but dispatch heard a lot of yelling. A female said they were on a highway and then yelled, “Pull over” before disconnecting. Dispatch made several attempts to reconnect before finally getting ahold of the caller. She said she was yelling at her husband to let her out of the vehicle because she didn’t want to go to town. She said that she and her husband were fighting all day and she wanted to stop. There were children present. 6:26 p.m. A domestic disturbance was reported at an Elochoman Valley home. One person was assaulted and the other was leaving the residence. The Cathlamet ambulance responded, and the subject was located and detained. Cowlitz County authorities said they would arrest him later as they had local charges. 6:31 p.m. A caller reported that someone was speeding on a Deep River road. 7:56 p.m. An erratic driver was reported on SR 4 in the Deep River area.


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