That potato that won't take its eyes off you? It could be a winner.

The fair is expanding its contests


February 22, 2024

Attendees of this summer’s annual Wahkiakum County Fair will have the opportunity to participate in a spate of free contests for the second year in a row.

Last summer’s treasure hunt, pet rock, and daily rubber chicken toss so exceeded fair planners’ expectations that they decided not only to bring them back, but to expand the docket of activities. Members of the public are invited to submit their ideas for possible games.

Fair staff hope that the games will be not only immense fun, but will also serve as a means for educating fairgoers about how the fair works. They hope the games will help acclimate new fairgoers to the process of submitting official entries to the fair—such as livestock, or produce—down the line.

Members of the public are invited to vote for their favorite contests. Some examples include an egg-and-spoon race; hay or straw bale decorating; mac ‘n cheese made from scratch, with points awarded for “originality, color, texture, taste and cheesiness”; a nail driving contest; a water balloon toss; or even a “bizarre produce” contest for “weird and wonderful” fruits and veggies, such as a three-legged carrot, a potato bearing a striking resemblance to a family member, or maybe a freakishly tall sunflower.

To place your contest votes, visit the contest display at the Cathlamet Library during the next 10 days and pick your favorites from among the 30 contenders.


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