Tourism shouldn't trump local needs


February 22, 2024

To The Eagle:

Please forgive my delayed response to the front page article from Feb. 8 entitled "Ridiculous and disappointed."

I have no knowledge of how community budgets work or how things are divided regarding county budgets. It does seem to me that funding to build up the infrastructure of a community with mental health services, affordable housing, and medical care—issues that last year's Health and Human Services survey revealed were top three concerns—should be given first priority, before projects that build-up tourism, such as the waterfront project.

For the library to receive only $2,000 for funding is deplorable, when many townspeople who live here all year long benefit from its services. Town librarians and volunteers help many of us search for jobs; they also help navigate computer technology that is essential for communication.They are indispensable.

I understand the need for tourism to spark revenue for Cathlamet, but it should not come at the cost of already existing resources that are needed to survive here. We live in Cathlamet because it is a small, quiet, and charming town. There has to be a way to promote tourism for revenue without losing vital resources to its residents or changing the character of the town.

Patricia Goodwin



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