Longview Masonic Lodge #263 continues bikes for books program


To The Eagle:

The Longview Lodge of Masons, like most fraternal organizations today, is shrinking in numbers. Despite being down to about forty members they continue to finance a bikes for books program that promotes literacy throughout the Longview School District. The program, coordinated by Dan Zorn, Superintendent of the Longview School District, will provide about forty bicycles this year that will be raffled off to students in every grade school in the school system. Raffle tickets can not be purchased, but are earned by the students by reading books. The lodge is not only looking to continue the program, but extend it as well. They are in contact with Kelso Masonic Lodge and Castle Rock Masonic Lodge hoping to expand the program to more students in the area. At one time, Cathlamet also participated in the reading program but has currently been dropped due to financing challenges. The Longview Masons would

like to see the program return there as well. Dan Zorn would like to have the opportunity to discuss the program as would Don Talley, the current worshipful master of Longview Lodge.

The bikes are also currently available to be photographed, if the paper is interested. Let’s do what we can to promote and grow this reading literacy program in the community. Maybe we can return this program to Cathlamet. Thank you for your interest.

John Koehler

Secretary, Longview Lodge of Masons

360 261-0390


Don Talley

360 846-0505


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