The Mayor's response

Town Council


March 28, 2024


I am saddened by a recent censure resolution offered by Councilmember Robert Stowe without prior notice and supported by two other Council members. Regardless of the split vote, as Mayor I promise to do my level best to regain the trust of the entire Council so we can resume working together on behalf of the Town we love. I will start immediately by re-introducing a resolution to obtain outside help to restore good working relationships.

As to the censure, I invite anyone to attend a Town Council meeting to see with your own eyes whether the Mayor objected to in the censure resolution bears any resemblance to the Mayor you actually have. I hope you agree I am doing the best I can.

There is no perfect Mayor, I have made mistakes but try to learn from them. I am outspoken about the welfare of the Town, and this has led to misunderstandings. But I am proud of what has been accomplished thus far. We are building a Waterfront Park along with a skateboard park. Town finances are solid, bolstered by funds from a cell tower lease I worked hard to negotiate. We handled an unexpected Town Hall move without dipping into tax dollars or reserves. Orderly administration continues with regular staff meetings and check-ins with Department heads. We started a free public WiFi system downtown, and celebrated the installation of the only high-power EV charger on SR 4. Recently we began a process to save the priceless Julia Butler Hansen home, joined the Washington Main Street program, and soon will start work on a sidewalk outside the Wahkiakum School campus. I value our excellent working relationship with government partners, the County, both Port Districts, and the regional Council of Governments.

If the Mayor and Council resume working together, I know we can do even better. Let us NOT join local governments in our area where squabbles create instability, wasting time and scarce tax dollars. Clinging to grudges and grievances is NOT good governance. Let’s get back to work serving the public interest and the citizens of our beautiful Town.

David Olsen

Mayor of Cathlamet


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