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To The Eagle,

I have periodically been involved with our current mayor working on town-related issues for several years. After reading the censure letter and his rebuttal comments, a couple of things stood out to me. Firstly, I am embarrassed on his behalf for his conclusion on the status of his relationship with the Town Council in his State of the Town pamphlet. Our Council is very competent and committed. Rather than blaming the Council for his poor relationship with them, perhaps he should be accountable and look in a mirror. Rather than “gas lighting” the Town with half truths and omissions, he should think about the old adage “you attract to yourself that which occurs”. Accountability can be tough to accept, but always necessary. If things can’t improve, we all know you “fire the coach, not the team”. I don’t think the mayor consciously tries to be narcissistic and combative. I just think that his style is “hard wired” into his DNA. At 71, he’s not going to change, regardless of his recent rhetoric. From personal experience, I’ve experienced his control and manipulation issues, but recently we’re seeing his retribution issues as well. These qualities are antithetical to working in collaboration with anyone, far the less working objectively with our Council on both big and small issues.

Bill Wainwright


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