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ENJOYING THE WEATHER? Well, I certainly hope you've been enjoying this dry spell as it certainly has made it nice for all of those who have been eagerly awaiting a time like this so that lawns can be attended to and flower beds cleaned up, etc. Of course, I don't think my ole body is taking it all too well, as it is rebelling just a bit by showing me swollen ankles and feeling some aches and pains that I haven't had since last Spring...ha! The forecast shows some more cloudy but dry weather, so here's hoping that holds true so that our "webbed feet" can dry out! SPECIAL DAYS. It seems impossible but we're into the latter part of April already, so here's wishing all of you with birthdays from April 18 thru 24, a wonderful day! They are: Randy Voight, Alyanna Brown, Marie Allen, Macie Helms-Masterson, Tawnya Paine, Darci Francis, Linda Mahitka, Lisa Cothren, Eric Bergseng, Kassidy Holland, Max Schmitz, Susan Kuhn, Esther Mendez, Sarah Doumit, Jared Vik, JoAnne Pedersen, Susan (Shane) Edminster, Joel Peterson, Olive Zickefoose and 67'ers: Sandra Davis and Greg Lloyd. Those celebrating their anniversaries this coming week are: Mr. and Mrs. Jared Vik and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Walker, so here's wishing you the very best as you celebrate your special days in a very special way....I hope! FUND RAISER REMINDER. This is just a little reminder about the live auction fund raiser on behalf of local, Bo Wages this Saturday, April 20, from 4 to 8 PM down at the Rive Mile 38 Brewery down at the marina in Cathlamet. There will be live music and food to keep you entertain as this special group of folks have joined together to help raise money for Bo due to his recent surgery and loss of work and skyrocketing bills, so here's hoping you can come on down and help out one of our own. ENTERTAINMENT IN SKAMOKAWA. If you haven't been down to the "O" lately, you might want to stop by on Saturdays from 4 to 10 PM, where they have live entertainment. This Saturday they will have some music performed by Cedar Mora at the key board and the following Saturday, 27th, you can get your Rock on with Stevie Starlight. Come down and check them out! ENCHANTED FOREST BALL. At the St. James Family Center next Saturday, April 27, there is going to be an "Enchanted Forest Ball" between 6 and 8 PM. Tickets are five dollars each, except if you are a preschooler at SJFC, then you get in free. This should be fun, as the kids get to invite their favorite person to come and dance with them for a couple of hours...sounds like fun for everybody! If you have questions, call 360-795-8612 and be sure to buy those tickets today. We can't wait to see the photographs of this event, which will be taken by local photographer Rene Westbrook of Puget Island.

SPRING TEA REMINDER. The Friends of Skamokawa want to remind you of their upcoming Spring Tea that will be here before you know it, as with the time flying by, it will be May 4 before you know it! This was a big hit last year, so ladies, call 360-795-3007 and make those reservations today, tickets are thirty dollars and find yourself a fancy hat to put on from 1 to 3 pm that day up in the River Life Interpretive Center, located on the second floor of the historic Central School/Redmen Hall. LOCAL CONNECTION. I'm not sure you saw it but there was a big story on all the news channels this past week about three people who got stranded on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (Pikelot Atoll) for over a week after a boat motor failed and who were finally rescued when the palm leaves they used to spell "HELP" on the white sandy beach was spotted by search planes. (Many were chuckling about the fact that they must have seen "Gilligan's Island" at some time...ha!) However, this was really no laughing matter for the families who were anxiously awaiting any news of their loved ones who had been missing for so long and were extremely relieved to have them rescued by the US Coast Guard Forces Micronesia. Now, this is where we have a local connection, as one of the crew members on the rescue cutter, the Oliver Henry, was Ryder Nollan, who just so happens to be the grandson of former residents Mike Nollan (teacher) and Debbie (Gregory) of Puget Island! How very cool is that? He is also the great nephew of local, Susan Nollan Schillios and my DIL, Katie Nollan Sechler, so there are many proud family members. Beings this was a major rescue which involved the U. S. Navy Poseidon crew from Japan and the HC-130J Hercules crew from Hawaii, this was definitely a big deal and I'm sure one that Ryder will remember forever. WEDNESDAY REMINDER. Lots of folks have been joining the Cathlamet Senior Friendship Group that meets over at Our Savior Lutheran Church, lower level, rear entrance on Wednesdays from noon to three, so they wanted me to be sure and let you know that you are welcome to come on by and meet some folks, share a snack and maybe share in a hobby or two as well. Just to let you know, that this coming Wednesday, April 24, they are planning a big potluck so if you're one of the regulars, you'll know what you're supposed to bring (or suggested to bring) and if you're new, just bring anything. Founder, Nancy Nelson welcomes everyone to stop by and check them out and if you have things to donate, like some games or puzzles or other things that would just stay in the church, that would be welcomed too. Currently asking for spare flatware too!! So, lots to do in the area....hope you have a good week whatever you do!


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