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Skyline Summer Golf Lessons

This summer Skyline Golf Course will be hosting summer golf lessons for middle school and high school kids of any skill level.

Skyline Golf Course has been generous to provide the High School coaching staff with their facility for us to teach golf to the area youngsters for FREE. Additionally, as a commitment to area youngsters that want to further their golf playing careers, all the golfers that come through the Junior training program and gravitate to the High School golf team are given playing privileges to play until the end of their senior summers also for FREE.

Skyline’s theory is that while supporting the local high school, (which is the heart of their investment), these players might fall in love with game and promote golf to their family and friends and possibly build an on going customer base for the future.

The most recent Skyline hosted tournament was a two man team event that included 16 teams. The top three places were won by teams that included former Wahkiakum HS players Cody Olsen, class of 2010, Logan LeBarge, 2022, and Tyler St Onge, 2021. Also playing was Brodie Avalon, 2022. Having four former high school golfers is not that unusual. However. the Skyline junior program had eight additional players with connections to the program. Over a third of the field participated in or had relations to the Skyline free junior golf program. That doesn’t even include the number of rounds of golf that were paid for by these players for practice rounds in preparation for the Memorial Day Tournament.

The weekly Men’s club is full of other players that also participated in the Junior program as well as out of town players and their families. Bradley Peek, Shane Souvenir, Eli McElroy, Brysen Coleman, Brook Calvert, Zach Calvert, Ty Bain, Sebastian Britt, Mitchell Dault, Elija Doiron, Joey Savelio, Austin Good, Bryce Good, Kaleo Silva and so many more players participated.

Currently enjoying the Skyline Junior FREE playing program are: 2023/24 Girls State Champions Avrey Wiltse-Hyatt, Brienna Cothren, Jessie LeFever, and Payton Mendez. Boys: Kyler Sauce, Daniel Tomlinson and 8th grade graduates Jamey Heston, Devon Mueller, Sebastian McCoy and Chris Stewart. With 3 girls retuning from the current State Champions and 4 freshman boys that have a season under their belts, I’m seeing some more trophies for WHS to come in the near future.

It all starts with a beginner golf lessons

Skyline summer golf lessons will be on most Thursdays and Fridays during the summer of 2024 on the dates as follows:

June 20th 28th

July 5th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 25th & 26th

August 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 15th & 16th

Instruction will beprovided by Andrew Weiler (WHS Head Coach), and or Nick Vavoudis (WHS Coach), golf clubs and balls are all provided for FREE.

Players that continue their golf careers and gravitate toward the High School team will be outfitted with a set of clubs donated over the years by the Cathlamet community of former golfers and family members for free. Thanks to all contributors, we have been able to provide the proper level of clubs equal to the player’s abilities which has been amazing and greatly appreciated by the player’s families. Our supporters are the ones who make it possible, Skyline makes it happen!

To sign up, visit the clubhouse at Skyline Golf Course or call coach Nick Vavoudis at 360-200-3133. You can help a child change their life by enjoying a new hobby or sport by advancing at their own pace. If you have family or friends that are Middle or High School aged, this could be a great learning experience. Being athletic is not necessarily a requirement. Being social is not necessarily a requirement. You all can be a special part of it at Skyline Golf Course.


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