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PUD covers quakes, exits and carbon use


September 20, 2018

The Wahkiakum PUD Board of Commissioners held a quick meeting on Tuesday morning.

Commissioner Bob Jungers asked to have a line item added to next year’s budget to allow for the acquisition of spare high side bushings for the transformer in Cathlamet as well as the new transformer planned for Grays River.

“I believe that transformer is going to be designed to be seismic resistant but I would like to make sure that we are able to repair or replace the high side bushings and the risers for those two transformers, just keep the parts in inventory,” Jungers said.

Auditor Erin Wilson reported that the door and stair project at the PUD office had been completed.

“We appreciate having another exit up there,” she said.

Wilson said she would be attending the annual Washington Finance Officers conference this week and reported on a new insurance paid family and medical leave program mandated by Washington state.

Commissioner Dennis Reid asked Wilson to find a place to post a “Hydro power flows here” sticker.

“There are a lot of assaults on the hydro systems right now to remove dams,” Reid said. “Groups are finding ways to pull the peoples’ heart strings to get their messages through without showing their real message of taking out the dams.”

He also said that PUDs were not the problem when it comes to carbon usage, though state legislators were trying to place the blame there. According to Reid, PUDs cause 1.4 percent of the state’s carbon use, while the transportation sector causes 56 percent.


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