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December 6, 2018

To The Eagle:

In the time that my family lived in Cathlamet over the past seven years, we were blessed in some of those years to have received holiday help from the Stars program. Thanks to the generosity of kind local donors in those years, my children were given wonderful gifts of much needed clothing and shoes (which were all we hoped for and anticipated-as it is a needs based program vs a toy wish program), as well as thoughtful bonus gifts of toys which made their Christmas mornings magical. I could not have managed those Christmas mornings on our own, and have been grateful beyond measure to NovaLee Knopp, her volunteers, and the gracious donors who facilitated our aid.

Sadly, it has been brought to my attention, that donations this year have been very low, and the program is struggling. I don't know particulars on why they are dwindling, I cannot imagine that the generosity we have seen over previous years has suddenly dried up. The kindness we experienced living in Wahkiakum county has been immeasurable, and is something we miss in our new living situation.

I would just like to urge support of this program on behalf of the families it is struggling to serve this holiday season. The Stars program is separate from any of the other holiday gifting or aid programs in the county, they do not share a revenue stream. Whether support is solely a monetary donation, or picking a Star off the tree at the bank to sponsor, it is so very appreciated and goes a long way to creating those magical mornings for the families who struggle this time of year.

I personally thank you for reading this post and your consideration, and hope you all have a blessed Christmas season.

If you are able to help at all, any donations, big or small, cash, check or gift will be accepted at the Bank of Pacific.

Judi Whitaker

Former Cathlamet resident


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