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SR 401 reopened with one lane


April 22, 2021

GORGEOUS--I hope all this sunny weather hasn't worn you out, as I know people were really out and about this past week, as the sunshine brought everybody out to soak up some Vitamin D, which we all needed! It was great to have such a nice stretch of dry weather for a change.

However, I understand that our rains may return this weekend, so I hope you got your outside projects done before they returned.

FIRE DANGER--The biggest down-side of having all this dry weather was that officials had to order a burn ban, as things were bone dry and we've already had some scary fires take off in various areas, so, please be mindful about when and where you can legally burn. Even if it's legal, you need to know that one spark from your outdoor burn pit can lead to catastrophe, so it's wise to think twice about whether or not you should even risk lighting it. There were several fires in our state this past weekend and it took a lot to get them under control, so please be super careful while things are so dry.

With our rains supposedly returning this weekend, we may see an end to the current burn ban, but always check with authorities before you strike that match. While we may need the rain, it's going to be sad to see the dry days leave us.

Don't forget, before burning you need to get a burn permit (court house) and you need to call in your intent to burn prior to doing so, 360-795-3242.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from April 22-28 are Max Schmitz, Nathan Kincaid, Marie Allen, Mike Snow, Macie Helms-Masterson, Kelly McClain, Debbie McClain, Susan Kuhn, Alyanna Brown, Eric Bergseng, Jason Wallin, Rochelle Wallin, Fern Holmes, Jared Vik, Delaney Doumit, Seth Doumit, Steven M. Doumit, Sarah Doumit, Rachael LaBerge, Mike Swift, Shawn Woods, Tom Blalock, Anita Hoven, Carol Danker, Carrie Backman, Joel Peterson, Olive Zickefoose, Max Scudder and 67'er Greg Lloyd.

Those celebrating anniversaries this week: Kent and Irene Martin, Ed and Nancy Granger, Mike and Penny Paulsen, Mr. and Mrs. Justin Robert and Robert and Melody Blain. May all of your special days be celebrated in special ways!

Belated anniversary wishes to Bob and Sabrina McNally who celebrated their special day at the end of last week.

ART DISPLAYED--We want to wish the winners of the recent Great White Tail Run Art contest a hearty congratulations and if you'd like to see their work, it will be on display at the Tsuga Gallery in Cathlamet. Congrats to Devon Mueller, MyLinn Schell and Yan Dovbilo who took first, second and third place; great job kids!

This eventwill be a virtual run this year due to Covid and will take place from May 15 at 10 a.m. through May 22 at Noon. Here's the link to register online: If you'd like to donate to the 4-H program, use the link prior to this only add: /Donate/ between "Race and WA." If you have any questions about all of this, please send an email to Lisa Frink:

GREAT NEWS--SR 401, which was the road from Naselle to the Astoria bridge, has now been reopened; yay! It's only one lane with a light in place for alternating traffic flow for now, but it sure beats driving all the way around! As nicer days and weekends often mean a lot more traffic, it's best to pack your patience when you're traveling in areas where roadwork is being done.

COMING IN JUNE--I mentioned this awhile back, but there are lots of new folks out there, so I'll give you a "heads up" once again about the annual PIGYS sale that will be held June 25-27. The letters stand for "Puget Island Garage and Yard Sale" and everyone who would like to get on the map that is handed out, and have a sign marking your sale, needs to get signed up and pay a small fee to cover the costs of the maps and signs. Sandie York is in charge of this event and you need to contact her to get signed up and be placed on the list of houses on the map. Contact her at 360-430-0951, and if you have any of the green PIGYS signs from a couple years ago, please bring them to Sandie at 47 School House Road on Puget Island. Spread the word, tell your friends and make it a great few days of treasure hunting!

AUGUST FAIR--Our local Wahkiakum County Fair will be held August 19-21. There is usually a Fair Royalty "court" with someone being crowned the Queen at the beginning of the fair. So, if you've got a youngster in your home that might be interested in taking part in this, please leave a message on the fair phone: 360-795-3480 or if you'd like other fair info, contact them by email: With time flying by, be sure to start thinking about what you'd like to enter into the fair, and you too could earn a little extra cash this summer simply by entering your baked goods, photos, garden items, etc., into the fair. Just grab a fair book and see what day it would be entered and follow the rules for each category. Enjoy and good luck!

RETURNED HOME--Luke Sechler recently returned from Atlanta, Georgia where he'd been visiting his brother, Kyle and sister-in-law, Suzy. From the sounds of it, he had a great time seeing all the sights and eating tons of great foods, so I'd say the trip was a success. But, as they say, "All good things must come to an end" so it's back to work he goes until school and work breaks sync up once again! With Luke entering his senior year at WSU, that may be challenging, but he's hopeful.

PRETTY COOL--Did you happen to see the "historic" NASA flight this past Monday? This took place when NASA's fancy, experimental helicopter took flight from the planet Mars, so that was very cool indeed! I think "firsts" are always special and it will be eagerly shared years from now by those who can say, "that happened when I was just a kid."

GET WELL--We are happy to report that a fellow classmate, Linda Holland Toste, is now recovering from some medical issues she encountered recently, so that was great to hear as she had her family quite worried at first. While she is still recuperating, we certainly want to send her our heartiest "Get 100% Well Soon" wishes and we're super happy that she was able to let us know that she is on the mend. If you are on Facebook, you can send her a message, as it's really that and a text are the best way to "visit" with her as according to her son, phone calls are just a bit too much for her to deal with right now. Take care, Linda!

We also want to send "continue healing" wishes to Dale Jacobson, who has gone through a lot since an accident, surgery and physical therapy last year, so we hope he sees continued healing and gets more relief soon.

SYMPATHIES--We were sorry to hear about the passing of former Island boy, Roger Peek earlier this year. Back in the old days, Roger was my brother's best friend and I even stayed at the Peeks' home when my family went to Alaska one year. I still have a picture of Roger giving me a ride on his horse and another with me and my birthday cake in the field with three candles on it! We certainly send his kids and other family members our sincerest condolences on their loss.

Also, we want to send our sympathies to Ginger Moonen on the loss of her brother, Danny Bighill this past week, and we want to send our condolences to the rest of their family members as well.

BEING PREPARED--You know how I'm always talking about being prepared for wet and wild and maybe even flooding type weather and making sure that you have everything you need to get by in case the power goes out or you're trapped at home awhile? Well, the same goes for the good weather too, like either having a fire evacuation plan for your family, or even a plan for supplying water to your home or animals in case the creeks and streams or our wells go dry. Some areas are more prone to drying up than others and while we'll be moaning about the over-abundance of rain one minute, we can also find our water sources drying up the next month it seems. Do you have an alternate plan to water your livestock if need be? I can tell you this, you'll never know how much a cow or horse drink until you have to start hauling it by the buckets full! I know it's hard to imagine a water shortage in an area that gets over 100 inches of rain a year, but it happens. Just in case this is your first summer here and it winds up being brutally dry, it's wise to start thinking about this issue now and have a back up plan of some sort "just in case."

OUT OF THE PAST--This week back in 1946, the weather was nice for the first four days before turning wet and windy that fourth evening and cold and misty the whole next day before it took turns being nice and then rainy again. The PTA met that Monday evening with officers for the coming year being elected and they were: President, Mrs. J.W. Downey; VP, Mrs. J.C. Webber; Secretary, Miss Joyce Nelson and Treasurer, T.L. McDonnell. Joining the PTA group that same evening were members of the Business and Professional Women's Club and they held a program with guest speaker, Dr. Edward Van Aeistyn, who was the health officer for both Cowlitz and Wahkiakum Counties, in which he explained the function of the office, as well as other topics. Refreshments were served and then they raffled off three nice cakes. Winners of the tasty treats were Mrs. Ward Halloway, Mrs. George Prue and the guest speaker, Dr. Van Aeistyn. Monies earned were going to the Nurses Training School in China, which had been supported by the B & P W Club for several years. The evening ended with Mrs.Shirley Jacobson singing two solos while being accompanied by Miss Betty Page on the piano.

On one of those wet and windy evenings, Deb M. took the Everests and friend, Mary Anne over to Puget Island for the school program there. It was a real nice program, which grandsons, "Ralphie and Frankie" Pedersen were in and they all enjoyed some good food that was served afterwards. On that same night, a power pole went down in Rosedale and took several lines down with it. Later on, the area experienced a toll line failure. It wasn't a real pleasant week for Mrs. Mast or Leon Healy, as both wound up quite sick that week. Midweek, it was time to celebrate Jean (Walker) Shane's 42nd birthday.

On that last nasty day, Mary Anne brought by a pie that she bought at a card party she attended and shared it with the Everests. Later on, with Mrs. Dyrland working the phone lines that evening, she and Elsie headed out to the show.

All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's 1946 diary.


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