JBH Home Hosts State Historical Representatives


April 10, 2024

Julia Butler Hansen’s house sits in downtown Cathlamet waiting for the next series of needed repairs. On April 5th, discussions were held in the historic parlor with local and regional representatives who all share an interest in helping bring the home into the next chapter. The Washington State Historical Society was recently given $30,000 to do a study on the work needed to improve the structure and protect the contents that reflect the legacy of Julia Butler Hansen’s time serving as the second woman to be voted into Congress. In attendance were Mayor David Olson, County Commissioner Lee Tischer, Historian Irene Martin, Port 2 Manager Sam Shogren, Eagle Staff Stacey Lane, Advisor Karen Bertoch and Homeowner David Hansen. In addition, Jay Baersten from the Washington State Historical Society and Moira Nadal from Washington State Trust for Historical Preservation were on hand to tour the home and help make plans to move the project forward.


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