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Mayor's State of the Town

Mayor David Olson has released his Annual Report to the citizens of Cathlamet regarding the state of the Town. The Report summarizes notable developments during calendar year 2023. Organized by the various departments, it includes updates on finances, public works projects, events and projections for the future. There is also a section regarding the challenges facing the Town in 2024. A concluding section “Stormy Waters” summarizes current challenges in Mayor-Town Council relationships. The Mayor has expressed sincere thanks to Town Department heads, including the Fire Chief, Librarian, Public Works, Superintendent and Clerk-Treasurer for providing information summarizing activities and accomplishments in their departments during calendar year 2023. The milestones include the Butler parking lot remodel to include an electric charging station, a successful Bald Eagle Days celebration last July, the Main Street improvement program and getting a sidewalk installed on 3rd Street for the students’ safety. The future plans includes the Waterfront Park Project, The Julia Butler Hansen House preservation, the 100th anniversary of the Wahkiakum ferry and creating a new archway at the entrance to the town. Mayor Olson states: “Town governance is a collective endeavor that cannot be accomplished by one individual. The citizens of the Town rely on understanding, goodwill, and constructive cooperation between the Mayor and the Council. If we resume working together, I know we can do better. Let’s get back to work serving the public.” The 2024 State-of-the-Town Report can be downloaded at this link: Hard copies are available at the front desk of Town Hall or the Cathlamet Library. interest and the citizens of our beautiful and historic riverside Town!”

Mayor David or (360) 218-9956


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